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Get ready for a Heartfelt Roller Coaster – Prime Video Presents “Congrats My Ex!” on November 16

Join the romantic comedy whirlwind, "Congrats My Ex!", a global fusion of Thai storytelling and Bollywood vibes, exclusively on Prime Video, November 16!

Prime Video is set to sprinkle some love, laughter, and, of course, the quirkiest of twists with Congrats My Ex! being released on November 16. Exclusively for Prime Video members across the globe, including the Philippines and 240+ other territories.

Meet the Star: Ranee Campen

Step into the world of Risa, portrayed by the fabulous Ranee Campen. Fans might recognize her from mega-hits like Love Destiny and its cinematic counterpart. Risa’s story? She’s a wedding planner teetering on bankruptcy, grappling with the mother of all challenges: planning an extravagant Indian wedding. And guess what? The groom, Arun (Mahir Pandhi), is her unresolved ex! Oh, and did we mention she’s roped in another ex, Tim (Vachirawit Chivaaree), to help her out? Talk about an ex-travaganza!

The Ensemble

Joining this tumultuous ride are Risa’s pals, Jan and Aoffy, played by the dynamic duo, Passakorn Ponlaboon and Thongchai Thongkuntom. They’re the squad everyone needs when the chips are down. And, to stir the pot a bit more, enter Monika (Anahita Bhooshan), Arun’s bride-to-be. Let the sparks fly!


“We are excited to officially announce that Congrats My Ex!, featuring two of Thailand’s top actors in  Bella (Campen) and Bright (Chivaaree), will soon be available on Prime Video to a global audience,” said David Simonsen, director of Prime Video, Southeast Asia. “It has always been our mission to unearth unique local stories that have the potential to span geographies, and with Bella and Bright’s reach across the region, we are confident in delivering a film that will truly resonate with audiences in South East Asia and beyond.”

A Global Fusion

But what makes this movie truly unique? “Congrats My Ex! is a product of a truly international collaboration between the Thai and Indian entertainment industries,” said Kulthep Narula, chief operating officer at Benetone Films. “As the producers of this film, we’re thrilled to bring you a heartwarming and hilarious story that centers around a wedding planner’s unexpected encounters with her two former flames—the groom-to-be, who she can’t forget, and the photographer, who can’t forget her. Our inspiration came from the rich tapestry of Indian culture and the curiosity surrounding the length of Indian weddings. The second inspiration behind this film is the universal experience we all share—having had ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. By weaving this cultural beauty and shared human experiences into a story of love and weddings, Congrats My Ex! is a Thai movie that is uniquely infused with a splash of Bollywood, transcending boundaries and speaking to audiences worldwide. As a Thai company with deep Indian roots, Benetone Films is well positioned to tell this enchanting Thai story with a beautiful Indian backdrop, and we can’t wait for you to join us on this unforgettable cinematic journey.”

Produced by a stellar lineup including Benetone Films, T&B Medial Global, GMMTV, Slap Monster, W Empire, and PTG Entertainment, this heartwarming rom-com promises a myriad of emotions, all neatly packaged for a delightful viewing experience.

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