WATCH: Pixar Shorts Trailer Teases Pinoy-Led Animated Film 'Float'

Pixar's animated films have become part of many Filipinos' childhood, with movies like Toy Story, Monster Inc., Cars, The Incredibles, and Up becoming staples for the Pinoy household. This time, Pixar makes history with their first animated Spark Shorts film that stars Filipino characters: Float.

Check out the trailer for this year's Pixar shorts below:

Helmed by Filipino-American filmmaker Bobby Rubio, Float is about a father who discovers that his son can float in the air. Dad tries to hide this from the public eye, but when it finally gets out in the open, he must decide whether to run from it or face the fact that his son is really different from other kids.

Float and the other five Spark Shorts will be released on November 12 through Disney+. It may also be released on their Youtube channel where the shorts Purl and Smash and Grab are now posted.

For more information, check out the Spark Shorts page on the Pixar website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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