TWG Tea Heralds the Arrival of Spring with the 2015 Edition of the Sakura! Sakura! Tea

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TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, celebrates the transient beauty of cherry blossoms with a delicately fragrant blend, evoking Kyoto’s most celebrated and anticipated season.

A scattering of cherry blossoms and green tea, the new Sakura! Sakura! Tea yields an aromatic and elegant fragrance. Reminiscent of the warm sun in spring and the blossoming of exquisite sakura trees, the Haute Couture Tea is packaged in a brilliant yellow hue.

Often regarded as a great symbol of hope and renewal, cherry blossoms symbolise the ephemeral nature of life. The temporal nature of the Sakura season is a reminder that all living things will pass and to make the most of our lives while we can.

An ode to spring, TWG Tea’s Mari Collection offers a large collection of Japanese teapots and coasters, all made of cast iron, a material that maintains the heat of the tea it contains for a longer period of time. In Japan, cast iron tea ware has been used for centuries for their practical functionality and exquisite shapes.

Each teapot is handmade in Japan using the same methods passed down for generations, and display a deep respect for the traditions, historic shapes and trimmings for this age-old craft. The Mari teapots come in black, green, red, blue, and, of course, pink, to mirror the delicate beauty of the dainty pastel blossoms.

TWG Tea Sakura! Sakura! Haute Couture Tea retails at P1595 and is available from April 2015 at all TWG Tea locations in the Philippines.

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