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Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club Esplanade Seaside Terminal

Spa / Massage

1. Poor service
• The receptionist forgot to return or assist my husband when she said she would come back to assist him to the men’s area.
• The waiter forgot the coffee we ordered even though there wasn’t anyone else in the buffet area. He was just talking to another staff that’s why he forgot our coffee until we followed up on him and he said he forgot.
• Massage therapists were not good. Their hands are generally heavy and no skills in focusing on pressure points.

2.Bad food & drinks
• Doesn’t taste good and the whole time the food served are cold.
• Limited choices on food & drinks. For cold drinks, you only have infused water and cucumber flavored powder juice drink to choose from. For hot drinks, coffee made from the machine or the instant coffee, and twinnings tea. That’s it.