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Here are the top 5 cardio workouts for Filipinos this Valentine’s Day to keep a happy heart

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and as a reminder for us all to keep a healthy heart, REBEL has shared 5 of its most popular cardio workouts. When it comes to cardio, Filipinos have a lot of options to pick from, whether it be running, dancing, or kickboxing. For those looking for more ways to raise their heartbeats, REBEL has them covered.

‘Valentine’s Day is special for me, I usually start my day with a workout targeting the abs and core so I can keep the romance burning and keep my wife happy!’
– Nico Bolzico

First of all, why is Cardio exercise so important?

  • It is truly good for the heart. Regular cardio exercise strengthens the heart and helps blood flow more efficiently through the body. Better circulation also leads to healthier skin!
  • It aids sleep. It is known to increase sleep quality and duration.
  • It boosts your mood. Physical exercise helps increase your energy by releasing endorphins.
  • It can improve brainpower.​ Multiple studies have shown that regular cardio exercise combats the decline in brain functioning with age. Put simply, it is an exercise for the body and the mind.
Rebel - Erwan
‘I like to move in some way every day, Valentine’s Day is no different! That’s why at REBEL we created options for everyone, whether you want to work out alone, with a friend or loved one.
– Erwan Heussaff

Let’s extend the love and appreciation to ourselves by taking care of our bodies. Whether it is as simple as a 30-minute run or a full day hike, squeezing in a little bit of cardio to a daily routine can do wonders. With that in mind, here are the favorite cardio work-outs available for free on the REBEL app:

  • Abs Workout from the man himself, Nico Bolzico. ​It might be too late to get those abs before Valentine’s Day but you can still work on strengthening your core and abs with the 8-pack legend that is Nico Bolzico.
  • Couples workout with Mike & Lexi. Join Spartan Race Ambassadors & Power Couple, Mike Jiang and Lexi Noval in their very own couple’s workout, combining fighting and dancing. #AllTheEmotions
  • Partner HIIT Workout with Jo & Carla. Join Fitness Instructors Jo Villablanca and Carla Piscoso in their Partner HIIT workout. Grab a buddy!
  • HIIT THE BEAT with Hans. If moving to the beat is your thing this Valentine’s Day, with a loved one or friend, be sure to check out ‘HIIT THE BEAT’ with Hans, a fun energetic HIIT workout to your favorite tunes.
  • Beginner Jump Rope Workout with Kathleen. Who’s the Cardio King or Queen in your relationship? Grab a jump rope and let’s find out with a Jump Rope workout from Kathleen Dy, a.k.a Kakafit

REBEL is the #1 Health and fitness app in the Philippines with a library of 100s of videos from workouts, healthy recipes, and nutritional content, to meditation and recovery sessions. It aims to make healthier living accessible and simpler for Filipinos nationwide.

Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico Launch REBEL: A Free Fitness and Wellness App

REBEL is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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