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Luminisce’s Home Kits Give You the Premium Skincare Treatments You Deserve at Home

Check out the kits that target specific beauty needs!

Apart from the frequent travels and usual shopping one thing that most of us miss is the undisturbed hours of treatment and pampering at a dermatologist clinic. Now, you can indulge in expert treatments even at home or wherever you are with the Premium At-Home Kit of Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations.

All kits are designed with the thought of rescuing and continuing treatments of patients even at the comforts of their home at any time of day. There are two types of facial sets, the Facial Home Kit and the Home Peel Kit. The Facial Home kit includes a device, medical-grade cleansers, creams, and peels while the Home Peel Kit includes medical-grade products WITH in-clinic procedure, but what makes these kits different from the rest is the inclusion of either a doctor or aesthetic nurse online consultation to ensure safety and to maximize the effectivity of the products. Find the right kit fit for your beauty needs. 

Radiance Lift At-Home Kit 

A contouring “face lift” is now within the palm of your hands with the exclusive Radiance Lift Device that combines four different technologies in one handheld skin saver. The device emits Radio Frequency (RF) energy that promotes collagen stimulation and contraction for contouring and lifting effect combined with the LED Therapy which uses medical-grade light wavelengths to brighten the skin, fight acne, inflammatory, and prevent aging. The Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) also activates the cells to rejuvenate collagen and stimulate tightening and lifting effects while Sonic Vibration improves blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage for improved skin health. The kit also comes with the signature Coquille Peel solution, Radiance Cream, and Radiance Masque to address acne, lighten dark spots, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Radiance Lift At-home Kit retails for P9,550.

Sweat-off RX  

Reduce excessive sweating in the hand, foot, underarm and other parts of the body with Sweat-off RX, an innovative A-Diaporesis skin care program that delivers life-changing results. The kit comes with 10 bottles of Sweat-off Solution and Luminisce Una, a two-in-one, at-home beauty device—one side offers gentle, water-based exfoliation through ultrasonic sound waves that dislodges debris such as blackheads and whiteheads while the other infuses skin with Vitamin C and other skin saving enzymes for a rejuvenated complexion. The Sweat-off RX At-home Kit retails for P9,550.

Full Radiance Lift

Deep cleanse skin, lighten dark spots, even out discoloration, and minimize the appearance of fine lines for fresher and glowing complexion. This skin program infuses rare minerals, vitamins, and enzymes deep into the skin and makes it healthier and a lot more radiant. The kit comes with Luminisce Una, Illuminating Cleanser, Activator, Exfoliator, Boosting Mask, and Nourishing Cream. The Full Radiance Facial At-home Kit retails for P9,550.

Luxury Facial Kit 

Get the signature Luminisce clinic treatment at home. The Luxury Facial Kit is designed to deeply cleanse and revitalize the complexion, infuse skin-nourishing vitamins, and deliver intense hydration for the ultimate skin pampering. From expert cleansing, skin care infusion that lifts and revitalize the skin to intense hydration. The special masque included in the kit contains marine algae extracts and hydrating vitamins and minerals that drenches skin with cooling moisture for a relaxing finish. Aside from the Luminisce Una, the kit comes with Lipid-free Cleanser, Ultrarevitale Cream, Skin Boast Powder 1 Masque. Ionto Serum, Skin Boast Activator Masque, and Organic Spatula (for masque). The Luxury Facial At-home Kit retails for P9,550.

Total Glow Body Scrub and Peel 

Get even and smooth body complexion with Luminisce’s medical-grade body scrub and peel kit—a combination of five skin-rejuvenating technologies (mechanical + chemical + enzymatic exfoliation, rejuvenation, and brightening) in a three-stage procedure. Experience triple exfoliation that uses Crystal Peel to deliver double microdermabrasion and Body Peel Solution (BP Sol) that renews with its high concentration of fruit acids and alpha hydroxy acids, as well as skin-boosting enzymes. Rejuvenate skin with the Post-Scrub and Peel Crème which contains two layers of encapsulated Vitamin C that penetrates deep into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production, all while delivering soothing moisture. It also brightens skin and leaves a flawless finish, revitalizes the skin tone, and restores your natural glow even on problem areas like the elbows and knees. Aside from the Post-Body Peel Crème, Crystal Peel, ad BP Sol, the kit also comes with a Hyaluronic Acid + Sunscreen 50++ and gloves. The Total Glow Body Scrub and Peel At-home Kit retails for P4,800.

Acne Drying System 

Treat active acne, clarify skin, and prevent further blemishes. This skin program uses medical-grade double peel—a combination of our Coquille Peel and Azelaic Acid (AZA) Peel—which safely renews skin while drying out pimples. Each kit also comes with our exclusive facial steamer, the Luminisce Pure Mist, a pimple extractor, and a customized acne-fighting skin care regimen. The Acne Drying System At-home Kit retails for P9,550.

Coquille Peel Kit 

Fight acne and fade out unwanted acne scars. This kit is ideal for dull, dry, or uneven skin. It uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) derived from natural fruit and food extracts to effectively exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells for a visibly renewed complexion. It also works to boost skin’s moisture levels for an instant youthful glow. The Coquille Peel At-home Kit retails for P1,550.

Citrine Peel Kit 

Bring back your luminous, spotless, and even-toned skin which targets hyperpigmentation and gently whitens skin. This special concoction of natural extracts from argan, rice and barley offers a powerful depigmentation treatment for the face, neck, chest, hands, and back, and is effective in minimizing melasma, acne marks, and insect bite marks. It features a special white serum for an extra brightening boost. The Citrine Peel At-home Kit retails for P1,550.

Pits Perfect Peel Kit

Flaunt smooth and flawless underarm, groin, inner thighs, and other sensitive areas of the body. Take away dull, rough skin on your face and body. Each kit contains Coquille Peel, Citrine Peel, and Pits Perfect Peel that are safe to use and perfect for me-time moments at home. The Pits Perfect Peel At-home Kit retails for P3,650.

The Lit Kit 

Renew, repair, nourish, lift, and lighten skin so it looks lit—and gorgeously luminous. The Lit Kit is the ultimate face whitening set that treats dullness, dark spots, and even melisma This expert set offers multi-benefits for holistic skin health. The kit comes with a The Lit Cleanser, Toner, Cream, and Aventurine Cream.

Crystalit Roll On

Aside from the At-home Kits, Luminisce has a whitening and anti-perspirant deodorant that provides long-lasting protection for the underarm sweat and body odor while also caring for the skin and improving the skin tone, thanks to the brightening power of arbutin. 

“What differentiates this home derma kits from the other kits is that it is expertly curated and contains medical grade concentration skincare that we are using in Luminisce.  We also included a complimentary one on one consult with a doctor/nurse. With this, we are bringing Luminisce experience and expertise to your home.” said Kaycee Reyes, Well Aging Expert, Preventive and Regenerative Medicine and Medical Aesthetics.

Luminisce is founded by well-aging expert Dr. Kristina Reyes.  Trained in Clinical Dermatology at St. John’s Instute of Dermatology in London and Preventive and Regenerative Medicine at Dresden International University in Germany, Dra Kaycee has practiced in several areas both locally and internationally; giving patients a global outlook as an edge in treating diversified cases of basic to complex skin problems. She believes that a tailor-fit and individualized approach to managing skin and weight problems is an effective way to take care of her patients.

For orders, inquiries, and more information about the products and services of Luminisce Skin Innovations, contact (0915) 979-4661 or visit For more updates follow @lumnisce on Facebook and @luminisce_official on Instagram.

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