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Get Picture-Perfect Nails with these DIY Wrap Kits from Posh Nails

Get Posh Nails-pretty as you stay safely at home this quarantine period with the pampering brand’s new DIY Wrap Kits that are easy to apply. The new Posh Nail Wraps are nail art stickers that can be applied in just 10 minutes, just enough time to prep for your next Zoom meeting or quarantine life social media posting.

There are more than 40 Posh Nails Wraps designs to choose from to suit your mood or OOTD, each set comes with 16 nail art strips, a nail file and a wooden stick that is used for easy application. These Nail Wraps can be applied in four easy steps:       

  1.  Prep the hands and nail area with alcohol.
  2. After choosing the right sticker size, remove the clear protective strip and peel off the adhesive base.
  3. Position the sticker’s rounded side on the cuticle area and flatten the sticker using the wooden stick until it is smooth and wrinkle-free.
  4. File off the excess sticker

Fun and fashionable self-care

Cat Ilacad, Posh Nails CEO and President, says that the Nail Wraps are a quick fix for those who have not been able to avail of their signature pampering treatments due to the community quarantine. “These stickers have been the go-to of people who love having colorful nails. It has been popular with personalities doing live streaming and zoom meetings and this definitely has been the easy solution to having fun, fashionable nails even during our current situation.”

Ilacad adds that having nice nails helps her customers feel good about themselves especially at this time. “We believe that perfectly groomed and manicured nails is a part of self-care. This should be our priority, self-care should be on top of our list so you can keep your sparkle even as we adjust to this new normal.”

Empowering women through pampering

With the wide range of designs, she made sure that there is something that will appeal to her customers with a range of fun designs for women and even for kids. Posh Nail Wraps are a quick, fail-proof way to get pretty manis. “During this quarantine, we noticed that people are still busy even when they are staying at home. There are women who do their office meetings remotely, and we have also seen the rise of womenpreneurs who are turning their passions into profitable home businesses. We want to be able to give them an extra boost of happiness and confidence through fun and artful nails. Since they are busy individuals, we made sure that our Posh Nail Wraps take no longer than 10 minutes to apply.”


More than pivoting her business, which is still offering home service with nail technicians who are specifically trained for covid safety procedures, Ilacad believes that offering the nail wraps is their way to help brighten their customers’ day. “We believe that looking good makes us feel empowered. There is a certain joy in seeing our nails perfectly groomed and manicured. We work better, we communicate better, and we also work better with others when we feel good about ourselves. It is a chain reaction.”

With the Posh Nails brand expanding to home service and its online sales of Posh Nail Wraps, Ilacad and her team are committed to the offering the best for their customers. “At Posh, happiness is not just a perfect coat of nail polish, it’s about empowering you to face the day ahead starting with confidence at your fingertips. No matter who you are or where you’re from, Posh is here to help you nail the day.”

For more information on Posh Nail wraps, including the nail art choices and application tutorials, visit the official Posh Nails social media pages at https://www.facebook.com/POSHNAILS.HandandFootSpa, poshnails_ on Instagram and order your nail wraps on the official Posh Nails Shoppee and Lazada page.

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