The Smile Bar: This Teeth Whitening Salon in BGC Brightens Your Teeth in 20 Minutes

This teeth whitening salon located in Uptown Parade promises of a smile that's 2 to 9 shades lighter real quick, while you lounge in a plush chair or take your power nap.

For the ones who can't skip a day without a cup of coffee, the ones addicted to milk tea, and the ones who frequently smoke, an issue they normally face over time is teeth discoloration. For a smile solution where you want extra confidence saying 'cheese' to the camera, now's your chance to brighten your smile in a quick and easy way just as quick as a short trip to the mall– or as painless as having your nails done!

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Looking for a quick and painless way to go whiter with your smile? This is where teeth whitening salon, The Smile Bar, enters the picture. With branches in Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, this place promises a brighter smile with their cosmetic procedure that comprises of only 20 minutes a session, and in a price point that will not drill a hole into people's pockets.

The Smile Bar, which is located at the Uptown Parade in BGC, looks nothing like you would expect when you hear of a place which does teeth whitening. Instead of looking very clinical, the place's interiors resemble that of a nail salon, with 4 comfy-looking egg-shaped pods where customers get the procedure. 

Partnered with Swedish oral care brand Brilliant Smile, The Smile Bar uses a patented technology so customers can get a smile that's 2 to 9 shades brighter in just 4 steps, and in about 20 minutes! We'll break down each step and the teeth whitening experience for you:

Step 1: Orientation and Evaluation


Upon booking your appointment, the first thing to do at The Smile Bar is to fill up a health declaration form and getting an initial assessment where their well-trained specialist will determine which teeth shade you're currently at. This is also so they can recommend how many levels of teeth whitening you should get to achieve the shade that's closest to your original one. The whitening done here is to achieve the most natural white smile you have, and since everyone's smile is built differently, each person will have a different whitest shade possible.

At The Smile Bar, they offer three teeth whitening services: Single Whitening (P3,999), a 20-minute direct teeth whitening session, Double Whitening (P5,999) and Triple Whitening (P7,499) which has the same process as Single Whitening, repeated twice or thrice. All options are done in one sitting, so in as quick as 20 minutes, or after streaming one movie on your device while waiting at the bar, you're already good to go.

Step 2: Pre-Whitening Procedure

Photo: The Smile Bar/website

After your assessment is the Pre-Whitening Procedure to prepare you for the next step. Here, you will cleanse your mouth and brush your teeth with the mouthwash and the toothbrush kit that they provide. All these products are available only at The Smile Bar and are recommended to be used even after the procedure for the effects to last longer.

Step 3: The Actual Whitening Procedure 

The specialist will then lead you to one of the pods and hand over your pillow and blanket which will keep you cozy and comfortable all throughout the procedure. They even ask if you would like to borrow the iPad and headphones they have available so you will never be bored during the 20-minute procedure. 

Once you're all settled, they would then apply the whitening gel to your teeth, which will then be exposed to a UV-Free Plasma Light to speed up the teeth whitening process. The experience is like wearing a mouthguard (if you've ever worn one), but with an added light to your teeth. The procedure is as painless as they claimed, and the specialists always keep checking back on you to make sure you're not uncomfortable. 

After 20-minutes, you will then be asked to gargle once more, and evaluate once again as to how many shades your teeth improved. They will then do the same procedure again twice or thrice, depending on what service you're availing. 

Once the entire process is done, you get to decide on whether you want to avail of Nano Seal Total + for P1,299 if you have about 3 more minutes to spare. The product is said to "remineralize and seal the enamel instantly" so you get to eat and drink whatever you want after the treatment – yep, coffee and milk tea included! – without waiting for the 72-hour absorption window. The seal only takes an hour to fully set, and you can eat right afterward. Another plus: your teeth and gums won't feel extra sensitive after the entire whitening procedure!

Step 4: Customer Debriefing

The Smile Bar
Before Triple Whitening Procedure
The Smile Bar
After Triple Whitening Procedure

The specialist will then re-assess your teeth with the teeth shade guide so you get to track just how many shades you've improved. Just note that The Smile Bar can't promise that you get the whitest of the shades, as they can only restore you teeth to its original shade. That is, they say, is almost the same shade as your sclera, a.k.a. the white of your eyes! 

They will then give you a list of Dos and Don'ts to maintain your pearly whites, and you're good to go.

Because The Smile Bar recommends that you avail of their teeth whitening procedure regularly or once a month, they also offer a Yearly Whitening Package which entitles you to 12 flexible 20-minute sessions spread all throughout the year. The package is priced at P28,499 and can be shared with another person. We hear their services are a hit for brides and grooms to be, bridal showers, and birthday events, making it a special treat for people on their special days.

The Smile Bar is at 2nd Floor, Uptown Parade, BGC, Taguig City.  For more information, you may check out their website and Facebook page. 

If you're planning to try out one of these services, you can use the promo code SMILECTC when booking appointments via their website, email, and even when you just walk-in for a 10% discount. 

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