HIT Arena: Get Hit with a Fitness High

The new year is a good way to follow through that 'strong is the new sexy' resolution, and this gym in BF Homes wants to motivate you to become the fittest you can be. Discover how to get 'HIT' and what High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all about at this fitness arena.

The new year is a good way to follow through that 'strong is the new sexy' resolution, and this gym in BF Homes wants to motivate you to become the fittest you can be. Discover how to get 'HIT' and what High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all about at this fitness arena.

"Me and my partners, we were looking for a gym where people don't just lift weights, 'di lang yung puro buhat-buhat lang," shares Dandy Chua of HIT Arena. "And so we heard about this circuit training, high intensity interval training, that it is a better exercise–in terms of losing fats, it is faster." Chua, a self-confessed health buff and gym junkie, along with his friends who share his fitness hobby, were looking for a facility offering high intensity interval training or anything similar in the south, particularly BF Homes in Parañaque. "Unfortunately, wala," he says. But what was lacking in BF Homes, he and his partners took as a sign to finally set up a gym business. "We took the opportunity to open a gym like this for like-minded people in the area looking for that kind of efficient workout. Not all people want to just make their muscles bigger. Others just want to either lose weight, trim down a bit."

The Lowdown on Getting HIIT

Circuit training, HIIT–these fitness terms and jargon have been thrown around the past couple of years that the typical treadmill run and aerobics class seem quite jurrasic nowadays. To educate me (and the rest of you readers who seem flustered with all these fitness regimens popping up in town), Dandy explained these workouts. In easier, simpler definition, circuit training is like going to an exercise class but each of you take turns in using a station (ex: push-ups, sit-ups, sprinting), switching every minute or three, or depending on the level of the class you attend. High Intensity Interval Training (or 'HIIT' pronounced like 'hit'), on the other hand, refers to short explosive movements done in a short span of time, and the rest period is minimal. 'We try to make the recovery period as short as possible, so that the burn of the muscles is continuous,' Dandy explains. At HIT Arena, they want to offer something a little different in the south. "Here, we incorporated HIIT with circuit training–so that's a short recovery period, with switching stations," says Chua.


The HIT Arena Experience

For the HIT Arena novice, all the weights and equipment and ropes inside the gym look intimidating–a nightmare even–to handle. But you shouldn't be discouraged–for one, the trainers are friendly, making a first timer warm up easily to the idea of sweating like crazy and burning the calories the HIT way. A typical session runs for about 45 minutes, and the exercises are usually done in three rounds. 10 minutes is allotted for the warm up, stretching, and after the program, a cool down.

What to expect? "For the first timers, they shouldn't be discouraged if they are not able to finish our typical three rounds," Dandy tells me. For starters, the training is hard, and endurance-wise, it asks a lot from your lungs and your muscles. You may run out of breath, sweating buckets and face burning a deep shade of pink (and no, it's not the cute kind of blush that happens when your crush sits right next to you). On my trip to the south, I was able to experience a free trial session of high intensity training–they always offer free trial for first timers–and surprised myself that I completed all three rounds. I was sweaty, panting, and nearly breathless after the third, but what a high it was after, thanks to endorphins working their feel-good magic.

It may sound silly since we do this every day of our lives, but I was told that there are people that do not know how to breathe properly. Proper breathing most especially during a workout is essential, and at HIT Arena, they will guide you to make your lungs stronger by timing your exhaling and inhaling correctly. Another thing to expect is the post-workout soreness. Boy, will your muscles burn and complain! "Expect that tomorrow, the next day, you'll be sore. Masakit talaga sa katawan," shares Chua, "but expect speedy results. In 3 weeks to a month makikita mo na ang difference."


And since people have different fitness goals, HIT Arena has created different categories for their HIIT program. Hit Force concentrates on muscle building and resistance training, Hit Rush focuses on burning fats and losing weight, and Hit Impact is a combination of Hit Force and Hit Rush. For strong abs, there is Hit Core, which solely concentrates on the abdominals. Other fitness services they offer are personal training and exercise classes like yoga, Zumba, capoeira, muay thai, boxing, and hiphop.


Hit Arena's trainers (who are either registered nurses or athletes) are always present for all the sessions to assist the students. Dandy Chua shares that at HIT, they never leave their clients alone. "We are always focused on their goals and keeping them motivated, even beyond the workout. Nakatutok kami even if nagsarado na ang gym, reminding them about their schedules or asking them if they are eating properly. All clients who sign up here have a goal, and we make it a point to achieve their goals, and motivate them to push harder. Our actual reward here is seeing the results happen to our clients–that's more rewarding to us than the profit we get here."


Want to get yourself Hit with a fitness high? Visit HIT Arena located at 2nd Floor, Aurora Building, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque. Open Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 9pm. HIT Training costs P2,000 unlimited for 1 month, P300 per session/walk in, and 1 free trial session for first timers. Contact HIT for schedules and rates for their other classes available (Vinyasa Yoga, Muay Thai, Capoeira, HipHop). Call 0977-1956090 / 09399-527768, Like on Facebook ("HIT Arena") and Follow on Instagram (@HITARENAPH).



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