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Spotlight on Vitality: A Heart-to-Heart on Women’s Health

Women's health is a crucial topic that deserves the spotlight.

Explore the importance of prioritizing women’s health and self-care. Understand how these practices empower women and create a positive ripple effect in society. Let’s shine the spotlight on women’s health, because a healthy woman equals a healthy society.

In every phase of life, women don countless hats, juggling responsibilities and multitasking like pros. They’re expected to care for everything and everyone else – but, what about their own wellbeing?

“Women often feel pressured to manage everyone’s lives on top of their own, but it is important to practice proper self-care to manage the many complexities of the female body, including finding safe ways to manage discomforts like dysmenorrhea. Proper self-care and hygiene can always start with right information and further supported by our pro-women products,” according to Ysabel Banson, Group Brand Lead for Sanofi Consumer Healthcare.

Today, women are the driving force behind numerous critical movements in our society. These inspiring changemakers strive to create a better world for us all, putting immense pressure on their shoulders. It is here that the importance of self-care takes center stage.

So, let’s have a heart-to-heart about women’s health. Because, at the end of the day, self-care isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. It’s the secret recipe for women to transform into the best version of themselves. And, it puts them in the best position to care for the ones they love.


“We need to create a space where we can talk about women’s health more and pay more attention to the changes that every woman’s body goes through. We need to keep advocating for women to embrace their uniqueness, which includes tending to their health through proper self-care,” Banson remarked.

The best way to feel your best even during down days

Many health issues that women experience vary on their current life stage and genetics. Risks towards the most common women-centric diseases can be lessened with proper nutrition, leading a healthy lifestyle, adequate activity, and good hygiene.

There are just as many ways for women to maintain their health and enjoy many years as a healthy and productive individual, and while health challenges vary among individuals, there are five key practices to form a strong foundation:

  • Get Moving! – Often in their off days where women feel stressed, anxious, or at their lowest energy levels, activities like walking, gentle running, or yoga, proves to help a lot in improving their mood and boosting their energy.
  • Eat like your health depends on it (because it does!) – You are what you eat. For women to feel at their best inside and out, one should adjust their diet to food rich in magnesium and iron to help with iron deficiency and cramps that come during menstruation. Food that includes whole grains, vegetables, and fruits also help with regulating hormones and menstrual cycles.
  • A clean femzone is a happy femzone – With women’s unique and ever-changing bodies, their needs change over time as well. To feel and become their best selves, women must always prioritize hygiene especially for parts as sensitive as the femzone. Fortunately for women everywhere, products like Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene fully understand the changes that women’s bodies go through and offer a full range of gentle yet effective options for every kind of care that their femzone might need.
  • Know the right medication! (that’s clinically proven safe, of course!) – While home remedies are helpful for minor conditions, the same cannot be said for majority of the health challenges that women experience. Fortunately, there are science-based products like Hyoscine N-butylbromide + Paracetamol (Buscopan Venus) specifically designed to address the dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain and cramps that women go through so they can power through the most challenging days. Although it has been proven to be safe, remember to accompany it with a doctor’s visit first to make sure this is the product you need.
  • Intentionally fill up your self-care cup – Becoming the best version of oneself shouldn’t just stop with taking care of the physical self, so make sure to allot time and effort to prioritize proper self-care practices. Prevention is the best self-care practice, and this can be achieved through learning and being constantly informed of the body’s needs, unlearning some, if not all, of one’s bad habits, and meditating and getting enough sleep to strengthen one’s mental wellness.  Prioritizing these self-care practices readies you to conquer and live out your purpose in the world once again.

Though these five practices can form a strong foundation on how to take better care of one’s health, self-care can be different for everyone. The best way for women to maintain their health and enjoy their best selves is by prioritizing their health first through actively seeking the right information and healthcare solution for them.

“Our mission as brands for women is to help build a healthier future by helping people help themselves. We give our consumers access to science-based solutions to address many of their health concerns through products like Lactacyd and Buscopan Venus, and we also continue to advocate for stronger women’s health education in the country, especially proactive awareness on the many factors that affect a woman’s body and well-being.”

“Women are a pillar of strength for the Philippines, and we want to continue empowering them to have more agency of their health and live healthy, full lives for themselves and the people around them,” Banson concluded.

Isn’t it high time we shined the spotlight on women’s health? After all, a healthy woman equals a healthy society.

Hyoscine N-butylbromide + Paracetamol is the generic name of Buscopan Venus. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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