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Empower Your Daily Beauty Routine with Primo Skin’s Homegrown Skincare Line

Discover the power of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for brighter, healthier skin with the Hydro Glow Line by Primo Skin.

The glow of health is a beacon that radiates confidence from within. This radiance, born of inner and outer well-being, empowers us to live our lives boldly and proudly. Primo Skin – the fresh-off-the-press face and body care brand from the charming island of Cebu. With a dedicated mission to help you rediscover and enhance your natural glow, Primo Skin is an embodiment of the beauty of Filipino skincare.

Co-founder Phoebe Fernandez – Varquez passionately shares the brand’s vision of a skincare routine that’s straightforward yet compelling in its results – a healthy, radiant complexion.

A Fabulous Launch: The Pink World Welcomes Hydro Glow Line

At its “Fabulous Pink World” launch event, held on July 7, Primo Skin revealed the secret to luminous skin – the Hydro Glow line. This splendid range of face and body care products is specially formulated with two superstar ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide.

(L–R: Jaime C. Fernandez Jr., Co-founder, Head of Operations; Phoebe Fernandez-Varquez, Co-founder, Head of Marketing; Chad Paolo Y. Varquez, Co-founder, Head of Business Development; Dr. Roberto G. Lim, President; Ma. Editha C. Animas, Vice President; Dr. Rosemarylin Lim-Or, Co-founder, Head of Regulatory Affairs; Stephanie C. Animas, Distributions Head for Mindanao

Fernandez – Varquez explains, “Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide work wonders together, complementing each other’s moisturizing properties,” Fernandez – Varquez shares. “Niacinamide promotes collagen formation, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid enhances suppleness. This dynamic duo delivers optimal hydration for a brighter complexion.”

Show How #Skinfident You Are with the Primo Skin Hydro Glow Line

The Hydro Glow line is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, designed for all skin types. It delivers a four-step skincare routine that’s easy to follow but packs a powerful punch of benefits:


Step 1: Hydro Glow Facial Wash (Php 280 / 100ml)

Infused with niacinamide, the Hydro Glow Facial Wash evens out skin tone, smoothens texture, and controls oil and acne, revealing a radiant complexion.

Step 2: Hydro Glow Toner (Php 310 / 120ml)

Enhance your skin’s water retention capacity with the Hydro Glow Toner. Fortified with Vitamin B3, it strengthens the skin barrier, minimizes pores and fine lines, and lightens dark spots, leaving you with smoother, tighter skin.

Step 3: Hydro Glow Moisturizer (Php 430 / 50ml)

Fight premature aging with the powerful Hydro Glow Moisturizer, your defense against fine lines and wrinkles, keeping your skin youthful and radiant.

Step 4: Hydro Glow Facial Sunscreen (Php 445 / 50g)

Shield your skin from harmful UV rays while maintaining hydration and smoothness with Primo Skin’s Hydro Glow Facial Sunscreen. With SPF50 PA++++, it reduces the risk of skin cancer and protects against UVA and UVB damage.

Additionally, the Hydro Glow collection offers bath and body products:

The Hydro Glow Body Lotion (Php 395 / 300ml) promotes healthier, supple skin with long-lasting moisture and increased collagen production. While the Hydro Glow Body Soap (Php 95 / 135g) is enriched with coconut oil and lauric acid, this soap helps keep the skin firm and healthy while retaining essential moisture. Its acne-fighting and anti-bacterial properties make it a valuable addition to the skincare routine.

“Skin brightening is the key to restoring your natural glow and revitalizing your skin,” Fernandez – Varquez explains. “The Hydro Glow line eliminates dull and dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion that lets you be #PrimoSkinfident with healthy, glowing skin that’s worth showing off.”

The Hydro Glow Line by Primo Skin is available in over 170 stores nationwide, including Robinsons Supermarket, The Marketplace, Shopwise, Metro Supermarket, and All-Day Supermarket branches in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and General Santos, and online through the brand’s official stores on  Shopee and Lazada

Join the Primo Skin journey by following their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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