#GlowWithGoodness: All the Ways Human Nature’s Newest Face Bars Will Work Wonders for Your Skin

Glow and behold, these multitasking beauty bars have benefits that go beyond your skincare routine!

Say it with me: great skin starts with clean skin.

Without proper cleansing, your face would be left with traces of dirt, oil and makeup, leading to dull skin, clogged pores, and breakouts. Worse, it makes it harder for your skin to absorb whatever product you’ll be putting on next, whether that’s skincare or makeup. You know that feeling when your moisturizer just… sits on top of your face and your makeup just simply refuses to blend? Ugh! But don’t worry, we might have just what you need.

A fresh take on face cleansing

The practicality of bar soaps meets the functionality of face cleansers.
Introducing Human Nature’s Sunflower and Balancing Face Bars

Don’t let dead skin cells dull your glow. Get rid of gunk and reveal your radiance with Human Nature’s latest skincare innovation: vitamin-rich Sunflower Face Bar (₱179.75) and Balancing Face Bar (₱179.75) packed with skin-loving goodness that will surely make every wash feel like a treat. 

Specially formulated to care as it cleans,they come with a myriad of benefits your skin (and the planet) will definitely thank you for:

  1. It’s formulated to fit your skin type

Not all bars are created equal, and thankfully so. Skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all, so it’s important to know what type of cleanser your skin needs.


If you’re after that next level natural glow, your best bet is our fan-favorite 96.26% Natural Sunflower Face Bar.

Made with nutrient-rich moringa and infused with our bestselling Sunflower Beauty Oil (more on that later!) that helps brighten and moisturize, this hydration powerhouse is perfect for those who have normal and dry skin types looking for that extra moisture boost.

Need something more mattifying? Don’t worry, our Balancing Face Bar is made just for you. (And yes, to answer the question on your mind, it’s the bar-version of our well-loved Balancing Facial Wash!)

Made for combination to oily skin, 95.76% Natural Balancing Face Bar is formulated to keep your face fresh and free from shine as it helps balance skin oils and lifts away impurities by exfoliating your skin gently. Enjoy non-drying cleansing and keep excess oil in check for up to 4 hours!

Both bars are pH-balanced within the recommended level of 4.5 to 5.5, so you don’t have to worry about it messing up your skin barrier and acid mantle. 

2. It’s packed with vitamins… and more

Bar soaps often get a bad rap for being overly drying to the skin, but with miracle moisturizer Sunflower Beauty Oil as our Sunflower Face Bar‘s main ingredient, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rich in Vitamins A, C, and D, Sunflower Beauty Oil helps nourish, hydrate, and brighten skin to keep it glowing and healthy-looking. It also helps increase skin barrier strength to decrease skin dryness, darkening, and irritations. And it doesn’t stop there!

Our Sunflower Face Bar also has cocoa butter that replenishes skin’s moisture, antioxidant Vitamin E that helps protect against free radicals, and of course, as mentioned earlier, nutrient-rich moringa that not only helps stimulate skin collagen but also deeply conditions the skin to help you stay fresh and glowing with every wash.

Meanwhile, our Balancing Face Bar boasts of its oil-controlling and purifying properties, with zinc lactate that helps reduce skin sebum levels, aloe vera that helps soothe skin,  glycerin that ensures non-drying cleansing, and coconut butter which is rich in lauric acid that has natural antibacterial properties. Truly, it’s an oily girl’s dream come true!

3. It targets clogged pores

Made with loofah and bamboo scrubs, the Balancing Face Bar gently exfoliates skin to help remove dead skin and unclog pores, while the Sunflower Face Bar contains the well-known pore purifier kaolin clay to remove excess oil and impurities. The result? Clean pores and clear skin!

4. It’s genuinely natural and absolutely free from harmful chemicals

While many regular bar soaps contain harmful chemicals such as SLS/SLES, PEGs, and parabens that are linked to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and hormone imbalance, our face bars are at least 95% natural, made with no harmful chemicals, vegan, and cruelty-free–never testing on animals and never including animal ingredients.

5. And we ditched the plastic bottle!

Not only are these bars good for your skin, they’re easy on the environment, too! 

The amount of plastic in the ocean is expected to double in the next 15 years. If we don’t do anything about it, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.* Our planet needs all the help we can get, which is why our face bars are especially made to reduce plastic by 98.9%**. And good news! As of June 2022, Human Nature has been able to prevent 23.89 tons of plastic waste from going to landfills, beaches, and the ocean—all thanks to our customers who have made the switch to sustainable. Now you can do your part too when you switch from bottle to bar!

Truly, the best things in life are plastic bottle-free!

Goodness that grows

Human Nature remains committed to making it easier for Filipinos to shift to a less-waste lifestyle by continually expanding our selection of waterless formulas and sustainable choices. 

Stay tuned for more exciting innovations and more bars that battle the bottle! #ShopGoodness now and #SwitchToNatural one bar at a time!

*Source: bit.ly/PlasticAndFishes
**vs. 200ml Facial Wash

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