Vital Dome Teams Up with The Farm at San Benito to Provide Holistic Care

The addition of the French-made wellness device to the resort’s roster of wellness solutions is seen as a welcome development by both staff and guests

The Farm at San Benito is a resort that has established itself as a center for health and wellness within the Southern Tagalog region, and one whose reputation has made it known in other parts of the globe. 

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the resort has experienced an uptick in the number of guests seeking more than just rest and relaxation, but also holistic ways by which their bodies can recover from prolonged illness, ennui from being cooped up at home, and the myriad stresses brought about by prolonged confinement and the way the workplace has shifted to the home. 

In which case, the latest addition to The Farm’s growing roster of wellness solutions is something that certainly augments its current range of modalities: the French device known as the Vital Dome.

“It’s an honor for us to partner with The Farm and to be a part of their longstanding commitment to help people with their health and wellness goals,” says Katherine Alejar, CEO and Chief Innovator for I3, the Vital Dome’s exclusive distributor in the country.  “We feel that this partnership will certainly blossom as we share The Farm’s emphasis on seeking optimal wellness through better-considered, non-invasive, and absolutely safe technologies.”

French Innovation for Better Health


Patented and manufactured in France, the Vital Dome uses Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) generated by carbon panels within the device to give users a sense of relaxation and renewed well-being. 

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Unlike traditional saunas or massage machines, the Vital Dome’s FIRs penetrate deep into the skin, accelerating regeneration on a cellular level as it safely raises the body’s core temperature. This enables the body to sweat out toxins and other impurities as a way to stay healthy and keep infections at bay. 

Likewise, the regenerative action of the FIRs reduces internal inflammation which, in turn, helps in long-term pain management. It is also instrumental in healthy weight management and body shaping. 

The fact that the Vital Dome is also a hands-free experience will also help boost consumer confidence in hotels and resorts, enable them to comply with relevant health protocols and ordinances, and encourage their recovery on reopening.

Perfect Pairing

The thing about the Vital Dome is that it is the perfect complementary modality to The Farm’s spa and clinical services. 

Together with the treatment and nutritional regimens recommended by The Farm’s team of healthcare professionals and holistic wellness experts, the Vital Dome is now part of an exceptional experience that will leave guests rested, refreshed, and renewed in both mind and body.

For more information on the Vital Dome, visit the official Philippine website at Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @vitaldomeph.


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