Tyler's Cafe Introduces Pizza Line

These 3 New Chewy Pizzas from Tyler’s Cafe are Delivery and Reheat-Friendly

Katipunan restaurant Tyler’s Cafe has been experimenting with pizza recipes for the past 9 months and is now ready to feed you with their new Roman-style pizzas.

Pandemic or none, freshly cooked pizzas have always been synonymous with food delivery. Hot, fresh, and perfect for sharing, it’s comfort food that anyone can easily order and there’s always bound to be a flavor to your liking. Tyler’s Cafe in Quezon City has finally perfected their own pizza recipe and is now available for delivery. As the cafe is from same owners behind Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, this is pretty exciting news.

Tyler's Cafe introduces pizza menu
Tyler’s Cafe introduces their new Tyler’s Pizza menu
[Photo: Tyler’s Cafe]

Chewy and Puffy Roman-style Pizzas

‘We’ve been curious about the Roman style pizza since we tried it in Rome five years ago,’ shares Jutes Templo, co-owner of Tyler’s Cafe and the head pizza geek behind Gino’s. Gino’s as well as many other Manila restaurants offering pizzas are showcasing Neapolitan style pizzas — thin and pliable enough to fold (which is a great way to enjoy a slice). This time around, Tyler’s Cafe is inspired by the Roman variety of pizza. Sporting a puffier dough with more heft, it reminds one of delicious slices of chewy focaccia upon first bite.

Tyler's Cafe Salami Pizza
Salami Pizza (P570)
 Pomodoro and Mozzarella (P410)
Pomodoro and Mozzarella Pizza (P410)

‘The dough is a high hydration dough using our pizza flour and rye flour to add some bite,’ Templo explains. The kitchens of all Gino’s outlets are designed for Neapolitan pizzas and pastas, so Tyler’s was the perfect space for the new pizza. There was ample space, they had extra staff, so now they are baking pizzas that carry well through transit and temperature changes. 

Tyler's Cafe Pizza boxes
Tyler’s Pizzas come in a rectangular box with reheating instructions
 Ricotta Mushroom (P595) Pizza by Tyler's Cafe
Ricotta Mushroom Pizza (P595)

With more people opting to stay at home to eat, the deliverability of products now plays a big part in creating food for the menu. These pizzas are a product of the pandemic and are now set to introduce pizza lovers to another style of the dish they’re already familiar with. Three pizza flavors are now available at Tyler’s Cafe, and the rectangular pizzas come in 12 slices. These are available to order for takeout and delivery, and come in a box with reheating instructions. This is one of those pizzas that stores well in the fridge, and seemingly even better the next day when you reheat it! Perfect for late-night cravings or hey, a power breakfast if you wish.

Tyler's Cafe Salami Pizza
Salami Pizza (P570)

The pizza dough itself is so flavorful, with subtle hints of olive oil, and toppings are generous with any flavor you choose. If you want to keep it classic, get the tomato-based Pomodoro and Mozzarella (P410), tangy and herby with tomato sauce fresh mozzarella, cream, parmesan, and basil. For more kick, the Salami (P570) has a balance of salty and spicy, generous toppings of Salami Piccante topping the rectangular pie. A personal favorite is the Ricotta Mushroom (P595), an overload of fresh mushrooms in every slice combined with garlic, onions, cream, parmesan, and parsley.


How to Order

If you’re looking for more delivery-friendly food to order from Tyler’s Cafe, the cafe also has Tyler’s at Home, their line of frozen foods that are ready to cook at the comfort of your own kitchen.

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To order from Tyler’s for takeout/pickup and delivery, message the restaurant on Facebook or Instagram (@tylerscafeph), or text them via Viber at 0927-3378417.

Tyler’s Cafe: a Katipunan neighborhood cafe for your all-day brunch cravings
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