Mochiko Ice Cream Bars - Cookie Dough Bars

Mochiko’s Cookie Dough Bars Return to Keep You Cool This Summer

Get their box of 6 homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwiches for P390!

Sweltering times like summer definitely call for anything cool and refreshing. So it’s the perfect excuse–I mean, reason–to indulge in the metro’s most delicious frozen treats you can enjoy right at home.

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ICYMI, mochi ice cream brand Mochiko, local purveyor of Japanese mochi balls filled with ice cream, is delivering all over Metro Manila so you don’t even have to sweat outside looking for an ice cream shop for your fix. This week, they are adding another frozen dessert you can sink your teeth into — their Cookie Dough Bars are making a comeback!

Mochiko’s Mochi Ice Cream Returns for Delivery in Metro Manila

New on their menu is the Cookie Dough Bars (P390), available in a box of six. They come individually wrapped, portioned just right for a quick snack in between meals. Or maybe hunker down two or three at a time, we won’t judge. Blame it on the summer heat.


Mochiko - Cookie Dough Bars - Box of 6
Mochiko’s Cookie Dough Bars come in a box of 6

A thick chunk of buttery French Vanilla ice cream snuggles in between two layers of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Just like their mochi ice cream, Mochiko’s Cookie Dough Bars are best enjoyed when you leave them to thaw a few minutes if you’re getting them straight from your freezer.

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Mochiko - Cookie Dough Bars - Individually Wrapped

A big bite into this dessert gives you a delightful combination of textures: creamy vanilla ice cream meeting the crunch of the chocolate chips and the chewiness of the cookie dough. Ice cream treats always make one feel like a kid again, and my inner child is giving me a high five for this one.

Cookie Dough Bars - up close

Mochiko’s Mochi Ice Cream and Cookie Dough Bars are available for delivery in select areas of Metro Manila. They are also offering a limited edition Philippine Independence Day treat: Ube & Cereal Crumb Mochi (P540/box of 6). This mochi dessert will feature an ube ice cream and cereal crunch filling!

Follow Mochiko on Instagram and Facebook where they post their order forms every Friday. Limited slots available. 

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Mochiko's Mochi Ice Cream Returns for Delivery in Metro Manila
For its comeback, Mochiko will be delivering their signature mochis by the box around Metro Manila!

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