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No Fowl Play Involved in Fowlbread’s Meatless ‘Scam Chicken Sandwich’

Using a flavorful tofu patty and tofu ‘chicken skin’ cracker, the Scam Chicken Sandwich is a deliciously meatless version of the O.G. Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Move over, plant-based burgers. It’s about time restaurants get into creating meatless alternatives to another between-bread meaty delight: the fried chicken sandwich. Fowlbread has come out with a meat-free version of their best-selling O.G. Fried Chicken Sandwich, and the verdict is in: it’s pretty awesome.

Scam Chicken Sandwich

Convincingly Chicken

Using a flavorful tofu patty and tofu ‘chicken skin’ cracker, the Scam Chicken Sandwich is a deliciously meatless grub. It’s a meat-free version of Fowlbread’s ultra-popular O.G. Fried Chicken Sandwich.

First, a disclaimer. This sandwich isn’t 100% plant-based. Being a chicken-based restaurant first and foremost (their name, after all, is Fowlbread), they use the same fryer as their chicken dishes for this. So yes, this one is not suitable for vegans.

Zero chicken, full-on flavor

If you’ve had the chicken version, the O.G. Fried Chicken Sandwich, then you can expect the same flavor explosion. The most popular sandwich, their OG features a large slab of well-seasoned crispy chicken breast, homemade pickles, and soft buns. The pièce de résistance? For me, it has to be that thunderously crispy and oversized chicken skin cracker right smack in the middle of it all. 

A closer look at the cross-section of the tofu patty

Now, onto the faux fried chicken sandwich. The tofu patty does mimic the same flavors and crispiness of the O.G., while the actual texture when you bite into it is closer to chicken nuggets rather than a slab of chicken breast. What’s good here is that the flavors won’t remind you of tofu at all, as so many elements in this sandwich come into play like the sauce and pickles. Another addition to the flavor bomb is the crispy tofu cracker replacing the chicken skin cracker, and this one is such a close resemblance to chicken skin!


Crispy ‘chicken skin’ cracker using tofu

When you order this for delivery, the cracker is packed separately to keep its crunch optimal, and you can snack on it separately. Actually, I think that is a genius idea, for Fowlbread to offer both crispy chicken skin cracker and crispy tofu cracker a la cart like a side of fries or chips because they are both deliciously addicting.

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How to Order

Order in-store at Fowlbread in Bonifacio High Street BGC or online via Lowbrow’s website. The Scam Chicken Sandwich is available a la carte at P260, in three spice levels: safe, spicy, and chemical. There’s also an option to include Iced Tea & Salted Fries (add P119) or Iced Tea & Garlic Fries (add P119) to complete your meal.

For more information and updates, follow Lowbrow on Facebook and @eatlowbrow on Instagram.

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Now Open: FowlBread, Now Serving Fried Chicken Sandwiches at Bonifacio High Street, BGC
A small corner of BGC now houses a 'community eatery' for fried chicken sandwich lovers where they can kick back with a cold drink and a sandwich that comes in three heat levels to match your palate's preference of spice.

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