Stay Healthy and Consistent with Daily’s Diet High Protein Meal Plan

I tried Daily's Diet service for eight days and lost 4.1 pounds.

Eating healthy is one thing but being consistent with it is another story. A little backstory but pre-pandemic, I would say I had a pretty active lifestyle — working out 4 to 5 times a week, and walking as much as I can. Then the pandemic came and I found myself working from home and couldn’t push myself to workout at all. Long story short, I gained a few pounds and I’m slowly losing it again.

More than a year in this work-from-home setup, I’m now consistently working out again and of course, watching what I eat. Weight loss is all about the 70/30 (70% food and 30% exercise) rule anyways. If you’re trying to kick off a healthy and active lifestyle and have no idea where to start, sign up for a meal plan service to nudge you in the right direction.

I tried Daily’s Diet service for eight days and lost 4.1 pounds. What’s great about their meal plan is you can choose from their curated meals according to your dietary restrictions, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Literally, all you have to do is pop a meal in the microwave and you’re good to go.

Diet Plans

There’s a wide selection of Diet Plans offered for everyone: Balanced Diet, High Protein, Medical, Diabetic, and Pescatarian. Aside from these Diet Plans, you can also share a healthy and hearty meal with your family when you order from their Family Menu, perfect for lunch or dinner. You’ll surely enjoy every bite from their wide variety of food selections per week!

My Experience

I live in Mandaluyong and would always receive my meals a day before at around seven in the evening and just put it in the fridge. What I appreciated about the delivery is that each would have a paper with all the dishes and what to do with them — eat chilled, microwave, and wash & eat chilled. Every delivery would have three meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two snacks.


Daily’s Diet’s is composed of a skilled team of culinary and nutrition experts with over 30 years of experience and it is evident in each meal. The Singaporean Chicken Rendang, Thai Chicken Crunch Salad, Torched Chashu Ramen, and Ube & Cheese pancake are just a few of my favorites. I got the 1,500kcal High Protein meal and would still take protein shakes just so I would hit my macros but I didn’t feel deprived or hungry throughout the day. Pairing the meal plan with my usual strength training and cardio exercises made it easy and convenient for me.


Balanced Diet

  • 1,000kcal – P2,050
  • 1,200kcal – P2,250
  • 1,500kcal – P2,500
  • 1,800kcal – P2,650
  • 2,000kcal – P2,950

High Protein

  • 1,500kcal – P2,700
  • 1,800kcal – P2,950
  • 2,000kcal – P3,150
  • 3,000kcal – P4,150


  • 1,000kcal – P2,300
  • 1,200kcal – P2,500
  • 1,500kcal – P2,750
  • 1,800kcal – P2,900
  • 2,000kcal – P3,200


  • 1,000kcal – P2,300
  • 1,200kcal – P2,400
  • 1,500kcal – P2,600
  • 1,800kcal – P2,900
  • 2,000kcal – P3,100


  • Medium (2-3pax) – P440
  • Large (4-5pax) – P610

Both family plans include 2 main dishes and 1 side dish per meal. There’s also a minimum of 3 orders per week.

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For orders, visit their website.

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