8 Diet Delivery Services in Metro Manila to Keep You Healthy This 2020

Here are 8 healthy food deliveries in Metro Manila to help you kickstart a new diet!

Sometimes, we have no choice but surrender to the nearest grease traps we call fast-food restaurants. Because who has time to prepare three, healthy meals a day anymore? Worry not for we've gathered 8 food deliveries that promise home-cooked meals delivered right to your doorstep! Whether you wanna try vegan, keto or just regular (but tasty!) diet food, we've got you covered. 

Diet Buddy PH

Diet Buddy Facebook 

When it comes to eating healthy for weight loss, it usually isn't a delicious process, right? Luckily, Diet Buddy recognizes this struggle. With fulfilling meals that make it taste like every day is cheat day, you probably won't even notice you were on a diet in the first place! 

Type of diet: high protein, low carb
Starting price per meal: P360 per day with 3 meals (+1 snack)
Delivery charge: Free (except for south addresses)
Contact Number: 0916-527-0314 



Pickle.ph Website

Making sure that you get all your required nutrients while losing weight, Pickle includes lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh vegetables in every meal. They are one of the few services that create their healthy drinks from 100% pure Barley Grass, the mildest tasting superfood! You can pick between a detoxing drink or something the boosts your metabolism if you wanna shed some extra pounds.

Type of diet: calorie-controlled, macro-balanced 
Starting price per meal: P560 per day with 3 meals (+1 snack)
Delivery charge: P50 per day
Contact Number:  0998-975-7255

Ketos of Manila

Ketos of Manila Website 

Started by a pair of certified "Titos of Manila", their service delivers ketogenic meals that are nutritionist-approved. Leave it to Ketos of Manila to worry about the rules of keto-cooking! To finish off every meal, you can also order their keto-friendly desserts like cookies, ensaymadas and more!  

Type of diet: keto, vegetarian keto 
Starting price: P2200 for 5 days (2 meals per day)
Delivery charge: P50-P120 depending on your location
Contact Number:  0949-786-5399

MJ Delivers

MJ Delivers

Initially created for busy college students, MJ Delivers offers delicious, budget-friendly meals. Let's be honest, vegan food isn't the cheapest nor is it readily available for most of us. If you're looking for affordable vegan options that aren't just salads, check out their vegan menu (they also offer non-vegan food for the same price!). You can also opt for a utensil-free delivery if lessening waste is also one of your new year's resolutions!  

(they've recently expanded their delivery areas to BGC and Mckinley!)

Type of diet: vegan 
Starting price per day: P130 (2 meals per day) 
Delivery charge: Free 
Contact Number:  0916-745-2571

Diet Diva

Diet Diva Website

Tried and tested by fitness enthusiasts such as Maxene Magalona, Gretchen Ho and more, Diet Diva prepares healthy home-cooked meals with a nutritionist and chef on their team. Catering to different kinds of diets, they even have a "Diet Diva Mama" meal plan for lactating moms and pregnant moms with a higher caloric intake (compared to regular meal plans) to ensure the safety and health of their babies! Sustainable and environmentally-conscious, you may return plastic containers and order without plastic utensils. 

Type of diet: low calorie, gluten-free, low-carb, low-sugar, high-protein (and a special meal plan for lactating moms and moms-to-be)
Starting price per day: P399 with 3 meals (+1 snack)
Delivery charge: Varies on location
Contact Number:  0917-703-DIVA (3482)⠀⁣⁣

Dear Diet

Dear Diet Delivery Facebook

You won't miss eating out with Dear Diet's wide range of menus. Enjoy the comfort of your own home (or office!) with their meal plans. One of their famous fusions is American-Filipino, which they have in different versions such as keto, pescetarian, and keto-pescetarian. Looking for a refreshing snack? They also serve keto-friendly oat and chia bowls! 

Type of diet: low-cal, keto, keto-pescetarian, pescetarian, high-protein 
Starting price per week: P2100 for 5 days with 3 meals (+1 snack, +1 drink)
Delivery charge: Free 
Contact Number:  0998-565-1176

Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime Facebook

If you're a fan of Asian cuisine, Lemon Lime is here to satisfy your cravings (does Vietnamese lemongrass chicken sound good to you?) Losing weight with their savory meals will be a breeze! You can also rely on them for customized meal plans to cater to your specific diet—their chef will modify the weekly menus to make sure you get a yummy bang for your buck!  

Type of diet: customizable vegan or keto options
Starting price: P1320 for 3 days with 3 meals
Delivery charge: Free for QC, Mandaluyong, Pasig, San Juan, BGC and select areas in Makati 
Contact Number:  0939-303-7263

V Kitchen

V Kitchen Facebook

If you want to take veganism seriously, why not try V Kitchen? You can't go wrong with the first vegan meal plan and bakery in Manila! The chef-curated meals are prepared with organic ingredients, without refined sugar, MSG, table salt, preservatives, palm oil, and artificial flavors—and prepared in a 100% vegan kitchen! Infused with superfoods, their plant-based meals will leave you wondering why you didn't go meatless sooner! 

Type of diet: Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free
Starting price: P3500 for 5 days with 3 meals (+1 snack)
Delivery charge:
Contact Number:

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