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Check Out These New Dishes from Denny’s, Texas Roadhouse, and Fish & Co

Your favorite The Bistro Group restaurants are offering new dishes to its menu!

Some of the restaurant concepts from The Bistro Group recently launched their new dishes- from kebabs, seafood, and Filipino breakfasts among others. 

Texas Roadhouse Kebabs

There are an assortment  of ways to prepare kebabs and Texas Roadhouse introduces its take on  this Middle Eastern  dish consisting of pieces of meat, fish or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer.

Marinated in homemade sauce and grilled to one’s delight, the new Roadhouse Kebab selection includes US Sirloin and Chicken Kebab  (tender steak and chicken pieces);   US Sirloin and Shrimp (your Surf N Turf in one dish) and Kebab Platter (which has steaks, chicken, and shrimps).  Looking at those grill marks and moist and juicy meats will make your mouth water and scream, I Want!

Filipino Breakfast at Denny’s

Meanwhile at Denny’s, there are new Filipino Breakfast Platters that are available daily for dine-in, take-out and delivery.

For those with a big appetite, choices are   Beef Tapa, Danggit, and Longanisa Platter  and the Adobo, Tocino, Danggit  & Longanisa platter.   These are good for two persons. For a caffeine fix, add P50 for a cup of coffee (maximum 2 cups per person).


There are also lighter but equally satisfying options for those, good for one person. These include  Adodo, Tocino, Longanisa;Adobo, Tapa, Tocino; Tapa, Longanisa,  Tocino; Tapa, Danggit, Longanisa and Adobo, Danggit, Longanisa.

Pompano Fish Dishes at Fish & Co.

Fish & Co has also recently added two dishes to its seafood menu.  

An Indian-inspired recipe is the Pompano in Curry Sauce.  Braised Pompano  is served with a complex and deeply flavorsome curry sauce made with ingredients and aromatics that sing together.  For a sweet and savory choice, there’s the familiar taste of Sweet and Sour  Pompano, with leeks, peppers, onions and pineapple slices.

Indulge in these along with other signature dishes such as the Fish & Chips, Peri-Peri Shrimp,  Shrimp and Scallop Pasta as well as meat dishes for the carnivore-inclined.

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