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7 Nutty Desserts in Manila For Those Who Love Cashews, Almonds, & Other Nummy Nuts

These treats are real nutty and nice!

A bag of nuts is always a reliable snack when you’re on the road or just watching a flick at home. But for the sweet-toothed folks out there, the best form of nuts is when they’re infused into delicious desserts and sweet treats!

If you’re a fan of nutty delights, this list is for you! We’ve rounded up seven treats in the metro that will give you that distinct texture and flavor of nuts– whether you prefer cashews, pistachios, almonds, walnut, or even the beloved local sweet Choc Nut!


Our favorite morning drink from childhood gets a nutty spin with Workshop’s Milo and Cashew Sansrival Cake (P2,100/ Whole; P290/ Slice)– a cashew dacquoise with a Milo-infused buttercream frosting.

You can order at Le Petit Soufflé at Century Mall, Makati, The Grid Food Market website, or by contacting this number: 0917 707 7459.

Photo: The Grid Food Market website

M Bakery

For those fond of pistachios, M Bakery’s Pistachio Cake (P2,600/ 6″ cake; P3,950/ 9″ cake; P220/ cupcake) is truly a delightful treat to feast on! This decadent treat is made with an all-natural pistachio paste, pistachio buttercream icing, and crushed pistachios.


To order, send them a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact them at 0917-6331718 or (02) 8847-9829.

Photo: M Bakery on Facebook

Twenty Four Bakeshop

For cookie lovers, nom on Twenty Four Bakeshop’s nutty cookies, including their Chocolate Walnut (P165/ Solo box; P740/ Assorted box of 6), made with Belgian dark chocolate and roasted walnuts, that’s worth indulging in every bite.

To order, shop through their website or give one of their physical stores a visit.

Photo: Twenty Four Bakeshop website


If you dream of almonds in your dessert, Hansen’s Chocolate Mandel Cream Cake (P650/ Junior; P800/ Regular) is here to make it come true! It has two layers of almond crust, a creamy custard buttercream filling, and a Belgian chocolate ganache that swirls beautifully on top!

Besides this chocolatey variant, they also have their original Mandel Cream Cake (P550/ Junior; P700/ Regular) and the Half & Half (P600/ Junior; P750/ Regular) which combines the two variants in one cake. Order now through their Instagram account.

Photo: Hansen’s on Instagram

Mad Mark’s Creamery & Coffee

If you want that nutty texture mixed in your creamy ice cream cup, then you should check out Mad Mark’s Roasted Pecan Ice Cream (). Delve into this luscious treat with less guilt as it is made with no preservatives, using only all-natural flavors.

Order now through their website or by visiting one of their stores.

Photo: Mad Mark’s on Instagram

Moloko Cookies

Moloko Cookies’ Amandine (P700/ Box of 4) is another nutty cookie that just joined their menu, combining the nutty goodness of almonds with the luxurious Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate.

Order now by sending them a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Photo: Moloko Cookies on Instagram


Let’s not forget a local favorite, Choc Nut! Overdoughs’ ChocNut Crinkles (P179/ 5 pieces) fuses the crumbly candy with the beloved pastry, adding a taste of your sweet childhood in every bite!

To order, go to their website or give them a visit at one of their stores.

Photo: Overdoughs on Instagram

Ready to go nuts on these treats? Order these sweet snacks today!

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Homestream images from Mad Mark’s, Overdoughs, and Workshop.

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