Tikoy in Metro Manila

Chinese New Year 2021: Where to Order Tikoy in Metro Manila

Nian Gao a.k.a. tikoy is pronounced like the word "higher year" in Chinese which makes it a lucky dessert to have for the New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We’re weeks away from Chinese New Year and what better way to count the days than list down all the delicious dishes we can indulge? In this special series, we round up traditional Lunar New Year dishes and where to get them.

On this list, we give you a rundown of places where you can get tikoy in Metro Manila. Nian Gao a.k.a. tikoy is pronounced like the word “higher year” in Chinese which makes it a lucky dessert to have for the New Year. This glutinous rice cake was used as an offering during ceremonies but is now eaten to bring prosperity in life. Below, we list down places where you can order this dessert that will hopefully make the Year of the Ox luckier for you.

Yao’s Kitchen

These Koi Fish Tikoy (P650) symbolizes surplus for the new year, and the sweet and sticky tikoy represents togetherness and harmony. This very special tikoy comes with a gift bag so you can give the gift of luck to your uncles and aunties!

Order here.

The Hungry Chef

Now, this is a unique tikoy. A classic creation by The Hungry Chef, his tikoy is coconut-flavored topped with generous slices of peaches, red dates, and Goji berries. He will also be offering an Ube Cheese Tikoy. Both flavors priced at only P250.

Order here.

China Gold Tikoy

Whether you’re cooking just for yourself or for the whole family, their tikoy is perfect for your household. They have different sizes ranging from tiny (P95/500g), small (P150/1kg), and medium (P200/1.5kg). Their page even shares unique ways how you can cook their tikoy — Peanut Butter Turon and Mango Turon.

Order here.

Sweet Taste

They make their tikoy from scratch using glutinous rice flour and brown sugar which gives off a brown hue. It is available in four sizes: P70/400g; P100/750g; P130/1kg; P190/1.5kg. You can coat it in a thin layer of egg and fried it until it’s crispy on the outside or you can also wrap it in lumpia wrapper if you’re seeking different textures in every bite.

Order here.

Ya Chou

Founded in 1990, Ya Chou specializes in Taiwanese delicacies and they have been in constant search for traditional and modern since then. Their tikoy is made with 100% glutinous rice and are currently accepting pre-orders for it with an 8% discount when you do. Available flavors are White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Ube, Monggo, and more.

Order here.

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