Likhang Harina Sourdough Bread

Likhang Harina Launches Two New Sourdough Flavors

Eight months since Likhang Harina's initial launch, they are now introducing two new flavors to their menu.

In case you didn’t know it yet, sourdough is one of the most nutritious bread because of its fermentation. I’ve been a fan of Likhang Harina since it initially launched during the lockdown so I was more than pleased to learn they released two new flavors.

Where To Buy Sourdough Bread in Metro Manila

Likhang Harina’s Country Sourdough (P275) has been a staple in my pantry. I spread some cream cheese or butter, use it for sandwiches or just pair it with soup or salad. I love how it has a crusty exterior, remains moist inside, and has a unique tangy flavor. What I love most besides the actual bread is the packaging — it’s eco-friendly and gives the bread a more rustic feel.

Now eight months since it’s initial launch, they are introducing two new flavors — Cranberry Walnut Sourdough (P350) which is loaded with toasted walnuts and cranberries in and out, and the Seeded Buckwheat Sourdough (P340) which is probably their biggest loaf yet at 1,100g (pre-baked).

A personal favorite is the latter where they use organic buckwheat flour, chia seeds, and gluten-free golden flax seeds. This one’s definitely going to fill you up for a long period of time. Take note that they only have limited slots per day so make sure to reserve a slot.

For orders, message them on Instagram or reach them via WhatsApp or Viber (0920-9830700).

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