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Nonie’s reopens in Boracay to serve your healthy island favorites

If you miss Nonie’s, make sure to drop by when you visit the island and have another serving of their signature dishes.

After seven months of reinventing to cater to take-outs and deliveries, island favorite Nonie’s has finally re-opened their doors.

Since its opening on February 17, 2017, Nonie’s has endured two island closures. Finding ways to make sure the business (and their staff) stay afloat, owners Shria and Patrick Florencio made necessary adjustments to make Nonie’s dishes more suitable for take-out.

“We wanted to create a safe space where those with special dietary requirements knew the staff were well versed on their needs and they could enjoy a delicious, locally inspired meal safely,” they add, pointing out that their menu offers a variety of delicious items suitable for vegans, pescatarians, and people adhering to a gluten-free diet.

In less than four years, Nonie’s — Patrick and Shria’s first business ever — has earned the reputation of being an island must-try, earning glowing reviews, winning awards, and being featured on TV and publications. But as the island saw its second closure in less than two years, Nonie’s didn’t waver. 

“We remained open during the whole pandemic primarily to help provide the Boracay community with food options. Pat was also our delivery driver during lock down to help get food out. We wanted to keep as many staff employed as possible,” Shria explained.


If you miss Nonie’s, make sure to drop by when you visit the island and have another serving of their signature dishes like the Cavite-style Chicken and Pork Adobo (made with their signature 72-hour pork belly), Beef Bistek, Pineapple Pandan Pancakes (made with fresh pandan milk), and Tempeh Kare Kare (made with their very own house-made tempeh and cashews).

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In their bid to reinvent and keep the business alive, the couple came up with another food concept within Nonie’s: Little Taj. It’s Shria’s way of sharing the food she grew up with as a South African Indian in Australia and New Zealand. 

“We created a ghost kitchen concept in the last five months, which we also serve out of Nonie’s kitchen and has proven to be popular,” she shared. “Little Taj is a traditional Indian curry house where we bring our same philosophies of making everything from scratch including all our spice mixes, sauces, yoghurt, paneer, and even our breads as well as providing more vegan,vegetarian and inclusive options on the island .” 

Together with Nonie’s reopening, fans of Little Taj will be happy to know that they’re going to keep the curry going, which will be available for takeout, delivery, and dine-in at Nonie’s or Station X’s food seating area.

Nonie’s is located at Hue Hotel & Resort, Station 2, Boracay Island. They are open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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