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Share Bigger Servings with Le Petit Souffle’s Potluck Trays

Enjoy the restaurant's signature French-Japanese interpretations of comfort food for delivery with their new food trays!

Le Petit Soufflé is getting ready for your holiday festivities by serving their popular dishes in bigger portions for food delivery!

Three of the restuarant’s best-selling entrees are now available as Potluck Trays you can order for delivery. Have heartier servings of the Porc Bourguignon (P1,450), with red wine-braised pork, sunny side up eggs, and garlic rice underneath. Another best-seller now available as a potluck tray is the LPS Carbonara Tray (P1,100). The Le Petit Souffle Carbonara is a fluffy delight of cloud-like eggs, bacon, and pasta, and its potluck counterpart offers more portions to pass around the table.

LPS Carbonara Tray 1,100.00 PHP
LPS Carbonara Tray
[Photo: Le Petit Soufflé]

GUIDE: Potluck Meals and Party Platters for Delivery and Pick-Up in Metro Manila

The third Potluck Tray from is the Squid-Ink Rice Tray (P1,550) and is the perfect feast for any seafood lover. Topping this tray is a medley of fresh seafood like mussels, squid, and shrimp, along with shimeji and fish roe. It is surrounded by soft scrambled egg that adds creaminess in every spoonful. Underneath these colorful ingredients is lipsmacking squid ink rice. A squeeze of lemon on everything ties all the flavors beautifully!

Squid-Ink Rice Tray Le Petit Souffle Potluck Trays
Squid-Ink Rice Tray

You can now also pair your food with Le Petit Souffle’s Fruit Spritzers. Take home their bottled drinks featuring refreshing flavors with fruits rich in antioxidants like Apple Cucumber Spritz (P150) and Beetroot Kiwi Spritz (P190).

To order the Potluck Trays and Bottled Drinks, call Le Petit Soufflé at 0918 841 8032, (02)718 5681, or (02) 887 3056. Order online through their order form (bit.ly/LPSOrderForm), or through GrabFood or foodpanda.

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