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Eat Of The Week: Crunchy Kangkong Chips to Replace Your Flavored Fries Cravings

Feeling snacky? Kangkong King's crispy kangkong chips will curb your cravings for flavored fries and potato chips!

Are you looking for an alternative to your usual junk food cravings? Want to replace your potato chips or flavored fries with a healthier snack? Then this is for you.

Kangkong King's Kangkong Chips
Kangkong King

Kangkong King is a local kiosk in Manila that’s been serving up crispy flavored kangkong chips since 2019. Now, their products are available for delivery so you can enjoy snacking on these veggie chips right at home!

The product is simple — they have perfected how to make kangkong (or water spinach) highly snackable and addicting. Every kangkong chip is dusted with flavorings of your choice, and there are four to choose from (similar to flavored fries). All flavorings offered are MSG-free! You can snack on their smallest serving, the Tarsier (R) at only P50, and the biggest size, the Ape (XL) is just P120.

Just like flavored fries, Kangkong King is available in different sizes in their crown-shaped container.
Just like flavored fries, Kangkong King is available in different sizes in their crown-shaped container.

The best thing about these snacks is that the crunch is long lasting. Don’t you hate it when your orders of potato fries for delivery turns up sad and soggy when it gets to your doorstep? Well, these chips are the exact opposite, and remain addictingly crisp. They shatter beautifully when you bite.

Snack on these crunchy veggie chips!
Snack on these crunchy veggie chips!

You can also indicate the flavor level just like how you can order the sugar or sweetness level of your milk tea. If you’re a sucker for the flavored powder, go Heavy! There’s also a Light version, and also plain Kangkong Chips if you want to skip the flavors altogether. As with flavored fries, the Sour Cream was my favorite variant, and their signature flavor, the KKK Original, is a close second. It’s sweet and salty, and a little tangy — a flavor that your tastebuds won’t easily tire of.


The Dish: Kangkong Chips, available in assorted Sizes and Flavors (KKK Original, BBQ, Sour Cream, Cheese, Plain)

  • Tarsier (R) – P50
  • Chimpanzee (M) – P75
  • Orangutan (L) – P100
  • Ape (XL) – 120

Where to Find it: Kangkong King, available for kiosk pick-up and delivery. Order online through the Kangkong King website. Their kiosks are open daily at Robinsons Galleria Ortigas and Robinsons Place Manila. Also available via Grab Food and foodpanda. Follow Kangkong King on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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