El Pollo Loco Glorietta 4

El Pollo Loco is now open in Glorietta 4

Crazy over chicken? Look no farther than Makati because El Pollo Loco is opening its new branch at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 4!

Known for its popular flame-grilled chicken, El Pollo Loco offers yuppies and families working and living in Makati the chance to enjoy a fresh new level of Tex-Mex goodness!  

Who doesn’t love El Pollo Loco’s healthy flame-grilled Mexican Chicken? It’s been a staple in the Philippines for 25 years among the chicken-obsessed!   The meat is marinated fresh in herbs, spices, fruit juices, and garlic. It is then grilled just as you like it for that delectable smoky flavor. 

Chicken meals are served either ala carte or loco (with rice or tortilla) and are bundled with your choice of sides, salads, soups, tacos and quesadillas. Its famed and well-loved sides are fresh tomato salsa, Spanish rice, tortilla bread, potato salad, fiesta corn, and loco fries. They also have the Loco Bowl with Asian Zing. It is a generous mix of grilled chicken slices, rice, and sweet corn, then drizzled with a special sauce.

They also have signature Crunchy Tacos, Beef Nachos, Spaghetti con salsa, Chicken Cheese Taquitos, Chicken Quesadilla, and Chips and salsa.

As they say in El Pollo Loco: “Without the flame, it ain’t the same.” So stoke the flame and check out its newest branch in Glorietta 4!


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