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Lola Nena's Triple Cheese Old Fashioned Donuts

Eat Of The Week: These Irresistible Cheese-Filled Donuts by a Famous Pichi Pichi Store

Lola Nena's Triple Cheese Donuts are a steal at only P200 a box!

Out of all the simple food delivery pleasures this quarantine has brought about, my top favorites would include DIY meal kits that make one feel like a chef (or at least more involved with food thanks to the easier prepping), and all assortments of sweets and snacks to win the heart of any carb-loving foodie!

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One such carb-filled treat that easily won my heart is a cheese-stuffed donut that surprisingly, is from a store known for its pichi pichi.

Lola Nena's Triple Cheese Old Fashioned Donuts
Lola Nena’s Triple Cheese Old Fashioned Donuts

Lola Nena’s is one of the most trusted brands for their pichi-pichi (its specialty is attached to their name after all), but this pandemic has made an Internet sensation out of their Old Fashioned Donuts in Triple Cheese. Everyone was ordering boxes to have delivered to their doorstep, and during the early weeks of quarantine, the much-coveted dessert was often sold out. What’s the fuss all about? Well, think of old-school sugar raised doughnuts, distinct with margarine and sugar, that your favorite neighborhood bakery would sell. Now take that donut, amp it up tenfold, and stuff with cheese.

Don’t let its simple sugar-raised exterior fool you — this donut packs a CHEESY punch!

A single donut is hefty, and a huge appetite is needed to easily finish off one piece (in short, not for light snacking). The dough itself is soft and its exterior coated in sugar, and reminds you of old school carbs like Spanish bread with its texture and yellow hue. Once you take a big bite, the magic happens: sweet bread meets a salty, cheese filling that is just so generous it will take you by surprise.

One box with 8 pieces of these heavy-hitting donuts is only P200!

One donut is a cheesy overload that will leave you craving for a nap afterward (it’s that kind of high-carb situation). If you think eating it fresh from delivery is good, try popping one in the microwave to reheat, and have a big bite. Now all the cheese filling, its creamy and salty goodness, is knee-weakening warm and gooey.

Others have even tried transforming these Lola Nena’s donuts into burger buns, if you’re willing to be ultra indulgent. However, if you want to take it easy on cheese, you can just order their Classic Old Fashioned Donuts. But why hold back on something that just tastes so good?

The Dish:  Triple Cheese Old Fashioned Donuts (P200/box of 8)

Where to Find it: Lola Nena’s Special Pichi Pichi, with branches located at Amina Plaza Commonwealth, Aurora Cubao, Quezon Avenue, Novaliches, Xavierville, España Manila, and Legarda LRT. You may also order via foodpanda, GrabFood, Facebook DM, and via phone (+6329254623). Visit and follow Lola Nena’s on Instagram and Facebook.

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