10 Places For Your Lip-smacking Lechon Around Metro Manila

It's Lechon season again!

The holiday season is finally upon us, which only means one thing. No, we’re not talking about the gifts and the twinkling lights—even though those are great, too—, we’re referring to all the food banquets that will be filling up our schedules soon.

When it comes to celebrations, there’s always that one piece de resistance that makes the party: the Lechon aka the ultimate tabletop star that says things are about to get serious in the yummy department. Browse the list below for some of the best places where you can get this holiday favorite.

1. Rico’s Lechon

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Rico's Lechon

Ask anyone for the best Lechon in the country and you’ll always hear about Cebu’s version of the dish. It was understandable that there was a lot of buzz when news broke out about Rico’s Lechon moving to Manila—it's that level of good! Expect only the best from one of the Queen City of the South's infamous chain. Think: crispy flavorful skin, juicy meat, and a flavor that’s a perfect mix of roasted and herby. If you want your roast pig a little soupy and thick, their Lechon Paksiw is an amazing choice as well.

Regular Lechon:

250g – P250
500g – P475
1kg – P900

Spicy Lechon:

250g – P290
500g – P500
1kg – 950

Visit any Rico’s branches for orders.

2. Zubuchon

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Zubuchon

You can’t mention Rico’s without talking about Zubuchon, its friendly rival. Another Cebu classic that has crossed waters here in the city, Zubuchon pretty much has the same local offerings that Rico’s has, albeit the slightly different flavor profile. In terms of crispiness, however, this chain sure knows what it is doing. Not only is the skin of their pork crispy, but they are also thin with just the right amount of fat under them. Try partnering their Lechon with their signature hot chili if you want an added kick to your bite.

Medium Lechon (10 – 12kg Cooked Weight) – P8,500
Large Lechon (14 – 16kg Cooked Weight) – P9,500

Call: 02 8777 9828 for inquiries

3. Elar’s Lechon

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Elar's Lechon

If Rico’s and Zubuchon are the Queens of Cebu, Elar’s would definitely hold the title of King when it comes to the best Lechon here in Manila. A favorite among family gatherings and office parties, many people swoon over Elar’s skin that’s so thin and crispy, it feels like you’re biting down on some chips. Another great thing about their roast pig is that the skin remains crispy for hours. You can order a whole pig from Elar’s but they also have kiosks now where you can buy smaller portions for those random cravings.

*20 kilos 25-35 pax P8,000
25 kilos 30-50 pax P8,700
30 kilos 40-60 pax P9,500
35 kilos 50-70 pax P10,000
40 kilos 60-70 pax P10,500
*based on live weight

¼ kilo – P250
½ kilo – P500
¾ kilo – P750
1 kilo – P1,000

Call: (8)731-7551/52 or (8)732-4116 for inquiries.

4. General’s Lechon

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: General's Lechon

If General’s Lechon were a person, it would definitely be the type of individual who has it all—good looks, friendly character, overflowing talent, the likes. In terms of ‘roast pig hotness’ (that’s a scale we just made, BTW), it would be a full 10/10. This Negros’ Lechon skin is crackling crispy with the right amount of fat under it, and its flavor—which is a perfect combination of garlicky and herby—will make you dream of your next bite even before you’ve swallowed what you just popped in your mouth. There’s also something about it that doesn’t make it so overwhelmingly oily. Yes, you’ll have a good amount of oil left on your lips after, but not enough to make you look like an oil spill.

Cochinillo (6 – 8 pax) – P7,000
Small (12 – 15 pax) – P7,500
Regular (15 – 20 pax) – P8,000
Medium (30 – 45 pax) – P8,800
Large (45 – 60 pax) – P9,800
X Large (60 to 80 pax) – P11,200
Jumbo (80 – 100 pax) – P13,100
X Jumbo (100 – 120 pax) P14,700

Call: 02 8 532466 or 09178532466 for inquiries.

5. Sabroso Lechon

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Sabroso Lechon

Bacolod’s flavorful Sabroso Lechon prides itself on strictly following the traditional Visayan way of preparing roast pig. This chain only uses native pigs to make sure that its servings are tender and flavorful and it is infused with a flavor coming from a special mix of herbs that’s signature to the Visayan region. You better know how to control yourself before binging on this one—each piece comes with a melt-in-your-mouth layer of fat underneath that's so thick, it might give your cardio a heart attack. Proceed with caution and you’ll be alright though.

De Leche (30 pax) – P6,800
Regular (40-50 pax) – P7,900
Medium (60-70 pax) – P9,900
Large (80-90 pax) – P11,800
X Large (100-110 pax) – P14,800
XX Large (115-130 pax) – P16,800
Lechon Belly (40 pax) – P5,500

Call: 09201239999 for inquiries and deliveries.

6. Lechon Factory

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Lechon Factory

Lechon Factory serves a friendly version of Lechon with its no-frills almost fast-food like setting. Their version is a little bit different from the usual roast pig served in big celebrations because they are cut more like a regular pork belly or liempo, but their Lechon Pork (P165) does infuse the Lechon flavors we’re all familiar with on its meat and the crispiness of their skin. We also love their version of Lechon Paksiw (P125) which comes with thin crispy slices of pork in a flavorful sauce. You’ll definitely taste the hint of laurel there!

7. Mila’s Lechon

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Mila's Lechon

A business success story through and through, Mila’s Lechon (which only started with a capital of P700) has become an iconic roast pig provider for Filipino families in the decades since it started its operation. The chain probably offers one of the widest varieties of Lechon in the country—you can choose from regular Lechon, Lechon paella, Lechon Visayas, Cebu Lechon, and Lechon Baka from its order menu. Mila’s is known for its crispy and flavorful skin, as well as the juiciness level of its pork that will leave you reaching for a tissue paper after every bite.

De Leche (15 pax) – P6,000
Small (20 pax) – P6,500
Regular (30-40 pax) – P7,000 – P7,500
Medium (50-70 pax) – P8,000 – 9,000
Big (80-160 pax) – P9,500 – P15,000

Call: 02-7-7999241, 02-8-7887831, 02-8-3719062, 09059904415, 09297100780 for inquiries.

8. Tatang’s Boneless Cebu Lechon

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Tatang's Boneless Cebu Lechon

Want your boneless Lechon crispy and melt-in-your-mouth good at the same time? Tatang’s Boneless Cebu Lechon can definitely deliver. Some people say that the roast pork meat from this hole-in-the-wall tends to be on the saltier side, but it’s a flavor profile that will definitely appeal to you if you prefer your Lechon with an abundance of umami. Go and try their spicy version if you’re wanting more layers of flavor on your order.

¼ kilo – P230
½ kilo – P460
1 kilo – P920

¼ kilo – P235
½ kilo – P475
1 kilo – P940

SM Aura, BGC – 0917 779 0834
Gilmore, QC – 535 7205 / 0918 828 2647
Reposo, Makati – 0916 706 8223 / 0999 878 5384
Seascape Village, Pasay – 0921 976 2928 / 0967 235 6282
SM Puerto Princesa, Palawan – 048 723 3120
Nuvali, Sta. Rosa – 0918 957 9311
Xavierville, Katipunan, QC – 945 2934 / 0919 507 5000

9. Locavore Kitchen & Drinks

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Locavore Kitchen & Drinks

Stuffing your face with traditional Lechon fresh from chopping may be what dreams are made of, but you can also up the ante by going for a version that's a little bit more *fancy*. Locavore Kitchen & Drinks, a local gastropub that serves an elevated version of Pinoy food, gives a unique twist to Lechon with its Dinuguan Lechon (P550) dish, a combination of all good things that can come from a pig! Each order comes with crispy pork pieces, rinds, and tender meat cuts in savory pig blood. It offers the best of both worlds for anyone who loves their fair share of pig dishes. Craving for something more classic? You can also order their best-selling Boneless Lechon Belly (P650) which is cooked the traditional Cebu-way.

10. Lydia’s Lechon
Address: 20 Filmore St, Makati, Metro Manila (and other branches)

Lechon in Metro Manila ClickTheCity
Image: Lydia's Lechon

Another established institution in the roast pig business is Lydia’s Lechon. Known for its succulent pieces of pork and crispy skin, Lydia’s has made a mark in the hearts of many (cholesterol-loving) Pinoys because of how well-balanced their roast pork is. Its meat is flavorful and juicy, but it also has a good layer of fat that completes the delicious mouth-feel of each piece. Not to mention, its sarsa is stellar, too! It’s not too sweet and perfectly balances the flavor of the meat itself.

Small (15-30 pax) – P7,800 to P9,800
Medium (35-70 pax) – P10,800 to P12,800
Large (75-130 pax) – P13,800 to P15,800
X Large (140-160 pax) – P16,800

Call: 8939-1221 (Q.C. Area)
88512987-89 (Baclaran Area)
GLOBE 09175380304 / 09178202989 
SMART 09189675213.

Online/website orders also accepted. 


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