10 No-Fail Places You Can Order Food From For Your Next Potluck

You'll be impressing everyone with these party platters!

There’s nothing quite like the Christmas season here in the country. The moment the first day of the -ber months come, it’s like everything and everyone is transformed into a cheery, festive version of themselves. We’re talking about the bright lights, blasting Christmas playlists, the shopping sales, and of course—the potlucks and reunions. You can’t really call yourself a true blue Pinoy if you don’t have at least three parties jotted down on your planner at the moment—and it’s only November. 

Parties are so big during this season, that sometimes we just run out of ideas on the food to bring to the table. The good news is that there are a lot of party platter providers that you can call for an SOS for those last-minute potluck contributions or when you’re just feeling too lazy to cook for your own celebration. Check out the list below for the best ones in the Metro.

1. Aperitif Manille

Image: Aperitif Manille

Have you been dreaming of throwing a fancy cheese and charcuterie spread but can’t be bothered to curate the hundred million things that go with one? Aperitif is a place that specializes in providing graze boxes perfect for every occasion. The events caterer has now spread out its reach with its restaurant in SM Aura that offers hot meals and cheese and cold cut cups, but you can still order any of their special boxes online which come with an assortment of cheeses, pretzels, chocolates, and a small bottle of wine. They’re perfect as gifts for family and friends, too! 

You can send inquiries to orders.aperitif@gmail.com or call them at 09175737171.

2. Mum’s Lasagna

Image: Mum's Lasagna

Can a potluck really be complete without its poster child, the glorious lasagna? As Pinoys, it’s naturally part of our DNA to include this comfort food on the tabletop during celebrations, and Mum’s Lasagna is the perfect place to call if you’re looking for one that captures the homey, familiar feeling of this dish. Inspired by the mother’s recipe of one of its founders, Mum’s Lasagna has become the go-to provider of many party hosts because of its sinfully meaty, cheesy, and thick version of this particular pasta dish. You can also order cheesy breads and tacos from them, too! 

You can send your inquiries to mumslasagna@gmail.com or call them at 09669306748.

3. Hot Dish

Image: Hot Dish

If it’s local, party food that you’re craving for, then there’s no better place to make your potluck orders than Hot Dish. This food tray provider specializes in the type of plates you see in a regular Filipino celebration. It offers a wide variety of platters from Shanghai Lumpia to Beef Caldereta, but it’s most known for its best-sellers like Pancit Sisig and Chicken Poppers. You can choose from their small plates that can feed four to six people to their large servings which can be shared by a crowd of 12 to 14. 

You can send them a message on their official Facebook page or reach out to them by texting 09175967171 and 09338207171. 

4. Flossom Kitchen + Café

Image: Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

This pretty, garden-inspired restaurant in San Juan can give your potluck party an instant rustic boost with its comfort food platters that can feed small to medium-sized groups. Flossom Kitchen + Café is best known for its familiar-tasting dishes injected with just the right twist to keep them from being boring. Our favorites are their Buffalo Mac & Cheese, Tapa Aglio Olio, and Crispy Pork Belly. They also offer Sausage Platters and Cheese and Cold Cuts that are perfect if you’re planning to have a charcuterie set-up.

You can reach out to Flossom Kitchen & Café by calling 356-6900.

5. Kismet MNL

Image: Kismet MNL

This custom catering provider has been a favorite of those trying to scramble for last-minute parties because of their no-nonsense, yummy ala carte dishes. Kismet MNL offers catering for big events, but you can also order ala carte dishes which are perfect if you only need to bring a dish or two to chip in for a party. Try their Creamy Bacon Carbonara and Fish Fillet with Aioli and Lemon. You can order cookies and other sweet treats from them, too!

You can send your inquiries at kismetmnl@gmail.com or call them at 09173151197 or 09954560719.

6. Providore PH

Image: Providore PH

Providore has captured the hearts of many diners for serving uncomplicated old-time favorites. In addition to its physical restaurant, this food spot also offers Christmas platters that can serve six to eight people! Our favorite is their Fried Chicken Platter and the Grilled Pepper Beef & Herb U.S. Beef Belly. Make sure to place your orders in advance to secure reservation!

You can call them at 09178338277.

7. Empacho Restaurant & Bar

Image: Empacho Restaurant & Bar

From its name alone, you’ll know that Empacho means business with its food. This restaurant, which has a branch in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, serves what you exactly expect from its name—sinfully delicious Pinoy fare that might require your Tito or Tita to have their maintenance meds at the ready. Kidding aside though, Empacho has a to-die-for selection of party platters that are perfect for Sunday family gatherings and potluck dinners. Our ultimate favorite is the Special Lechon Stuffed Truffle Laing Rice and their version of Puto Bumbong. 

You can call them at 09174671816. 

8. The Party Kitchen

Image: The Party Kitchen

Want your party platters to be a little bit extra than usual? Order them at The Party Kitchen, a food order service managed by the Romulo Food Group. This catering provider brings the glamour of restaurant-dining at your home with its chef-prepared platters that are perfect for medium-sized and big groups. Some of our favorites are their Buffalo Chicken and Pancit Malabon. 

You can contact them at 511-1111.

9. Pepeton’s Grill & Catering

Image: Pepeton's Grill & Catering

Think pulutan but with a little bit of jazz. Pepeton’s Grill & Catering is the perfect place to call if you’re looking for Pinoy classics like Kare-Kare, Inihaw na Pusit, and even Isaw! This Grill & Catering provider is best known for its signature Kapalmuks dish, which is pig face deep-fried to crispy perfection. It’s a little bit daunting to look at first (it comes in the shape of the face of the pig, complete with jaw and teeth), but you’ll fee a little less squeamish once you take a bite of it! Pepeton has a specially designed box for fast orders of this dish so you can easily get one and whisk it off to your party! 

You can place your orders by calling 412-5351. 

10. Jacqueline Anne’s Catering Services (JACS)

Image: JACS

You can’t complete this list without mentioning JACS, an institution in the party platter business. This catering service has become a household name for those hosting their own parties because of its wide variety of selections and delicious servings! JACS offers full catering for events, but you can also go DIY by getting any of their sumptuous party trays. It even offers ready to heat meals for when you’re feeling too lazy to cook and graze spreads that are perfect for fancier events. We love their Paella Negra and their Roast Beef Party Tray. Their Fresh Lumpia is to die for, too! 

You can reach out to them by sending an e-mail at jacquelineannescatering@gmail.com or by sending them a message on their official Facebook page. 


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