8 Restaurants In Kapitolyo, Pasig For Every Type Of Date

Quick– Valentine's Day is coming! What have you got planned?

The streets are decorated with red balloon hearts and rose petals. You hear birds singing melodies and the butterflies in your tummy are a bit too fluttery. It’s Valentine’s day. And what better way to celebrate the season of love than with a delicious spread of food and a great companion to eat it with.

So, whether you’re meeting someone new, planning something special for your beau, or just want to spend the day with your barkada, here’s a list of the most romantic (and casual) restaurants in Kapitolyo, that’s perfect for whatever kind of date you’ll be having.

First Date: Pomodoro Pizza & Pasta Kitchen

image from Pomodoro Pizza

You know what they say, first impressions last! So if you’re not sure what your date would like, go for the foolproof plan– Pizza! And you’ll especially love this one from Pomodoro! This little Italian place prides itself in serving delicious pizza and pasta selections. Its cozy, instagrammable interior, romantic ambience,  and the sweet smell of fresh Italian cuisine makes for a lovely dinner with someone you’re just starting to get to know. 

A Chill-numan Date: Smokes Tatay’s BBQ

image from Smokes Tatay's BBQ

If you and your partner are the kind of couple who considers going out to eat inihaw and drink an ice cold beer as a date, then we’ve got just the place for you. Smokes Tatays BBQ is a pretty chill tambayan. With no karaoke or noisy neighboring bars, you can properly share sweet talks with your SO while dining al fresco, enjoying a bottle of beer and their signature 18” barbecue. 

Double Date: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

image from Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Don’t be discouraged by its name, Kanto Freestyle is actually a pretty romantic place. You’ll enjoy its spacious, fun, outdoorsy atmosphere, paired with their signature Pinoy breakfast staples. So if you and your lover decide to pair with your other barkada couples this Valentine’s Day, put a pin on this all-day breakfast joint at Kapitolyo. It will surely bring back nostalgic college mornings spent after pulling an all-nighter doing thesis. Kanto Freestyle is also really affordable! Can you believe all their meals cost just under P200? And because they make sure their food is cooked fresh, the waiting can be a bit long. But hey! That gives you more time to catch up on your buddies.

The I-Have-Something-Important-To-Ask Date: Rub Ribs & BBQ

image from RUB Ribs & BBQ

Okay, we know it doesn’t paint a flattering picture–proposing with your partner’s fingers smothered in rib sauce, but hey, that's what makes this place perfect for proposals! (Get ready for a fun engagement post on Instagram!)

Rub Ribs & BBQ is a barbecue place tucked inside the heart of Kapitolyo. The place serves fall-off-the-bone ribs and mouthwatering barbecue that's sure to have your partner floating on air, from a completely unexpected proposal and a delightful meal to match. Perfect combination.

Group Date: Same Same Thai Satay Bar

image from Same Same Thai Satay Bar

You may find the space in Same Same too small for a large gathering but its food will tell you otherwise. For only Php 120, you and your date can share a plate overflowing with Khao Pad (Thai Fried Rice). The Satay Sampler, on the other hand, consists of six satays in three varieties (chicken, pork, and isaw) partying together in one plate for only Php 169. Same Same is proof that the size of the restaurant doesn’t matter, as long as your stomach is more full and your heart is happier when leaving.

Date for After Hours: Goto Believe

image from Goto Believe

Valentine’s day can be a tiring affair. With every restaurant fully-booked, sometimes it leaves you no choice but to go out with your date way past your bedtime. Good thing, Goto Believe remains open even after midnight strikes! Perfect for an intimate late night or early morning date. You and your bae can warm your souls with a bowl of Goto Heaven (Php 75) or make the night hotter *wink* by ordering Goto Infierno (Php 90). Each spoonful of goto is filled with savory goodness and warm hugs. You can garnish your bowl with a variety of toppings. You can choose anywhere from chicharong bulaklak (Php 105) to dilis (Php 50).

Friendly Date: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

image from Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

Show love to your boy/girl friend this Valentine’s by celebrating your friendship at Frankie’s! Whether you eat with utensils or with your hands, no one’s going to judge you. Everyone is having the best wings of their lives, after all. Friends love hanging out at Frankie’s because they offer different portions of wings, starting at 1/2 dozen (Php229) to Wings World (Php 429) with a variety of flavors to choose from. No matter how different your tastes are in food, Frankie’s can bring you and your friends closer together.

Moving On Date: Bullchef Restobar & Grill

image from Bullchef

Of course, for some, Valentine’s is not about love. It’s about crawling out of a dark hole you fell into that once promised you a life full of hugs and kisses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate hearts day with impunity. Bullchef is here for you. Order a beer and belt your heart out as you try to forget your ex who caused you so much misery and pain. If you want to feast while drinking, order from their Bar Chow menu. The Sisig na, may nacho pa (Php 308) goes well with drinks and heartbreak while their Buffalo wings (Php 115/Php 198) are best paired with rants and spicy gossip.

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