80 Years and Counting: Lotus Biscoff’s Sweet, Sweet History

From its humble beginnings in Lembeke to 80 years and counting of crunchy, caramel magic in every bite, Lotus Biscoff is still making sweet, sweet history.

Before Lotus Biscoff biscuits traveled the world and became a favorite in-flight treat, it first made its rounds door to door in the Belgian town of Lembeke on a signature red truck. The Boone brothers, founders of the Lotus Bakeries, opened their first shop in 1932 and came up with a recipe that gives biscuits a unique caramelized flavor and crunchy texture. More than eight decades later, this recipe—which uses only the highest-quality ingredients—remains the same.

In the 1950s, Lotus popularized the pairing of their biscuits with a fresh cup of coffee (hence, “Biscoff”, from the combination of the words BIScuit and COFFee). What used to be a hometown specialty soon became the national coffee break tradition. The pairing became a part of the everyday Belgian’s routine and was served even in various coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels all across the country.

Lotus Biscoff’s caramel flavor and crunchy texture goes so well with coffee that it didn’t take long for its popularity to spread to Belgium’s neighboring countries. By the 1960s, cafés throughout Europe have also started serving the biscuits with their coffee, and Lotus Biscoff has earned the reputation of being “Europe’s Favorite Cookie with Coffee.”

In 1985, the United States first got a taste of Lotus Biscoff through in-flight samples. Whether they were flying out for business or coming home from a vacation, exhausted on a long trip or rushing through multiple connections, travelers have found an added comfort and sweetness in their flight in Lotus Biscoff. Europe’s favorite biscuit with coffee became America’s favorite biscuit with air travel, and three decades later, it is still being served on a majority of domestic airlines in and outside of the US.

The demand and excitement for Lotus Biscoff became worldwide, so it was made available to its fans outside of Europe, first through catalogues and mail orders in 1990 and then a decade later through Biscoff.com’s online store. In the succeeding years, Lotus Biscoff’s distribution continued to expand to major retailers across the world.


Lotus Biscoff’s product line also evolved to include the Lotus Biscoff Spread—an irresistible alternative to nut butters and chocolate spreads made with original Lotus Biscoff biscuits—that first appeared on Belgian television show “De Bedenkers (The Inventors).” Culinary enthusiast Els Scheppers created a recipe that transformed Lotus Biscoff biscuits into a sweet, creamy spread, which earned her a spot in the show’s finals, besting 2,000 other Bedenkers. The Boone family contacted and worked with Els to perfect her deliciously innovative creation. Lotus Biscoff Spread (or Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter) sold out within three hours of its initial release in Belgium and a worldwide culinary phenomenon was born.

Today, Lotus Biscoff continues its mission of bringing a touch of delectable comfort to those enjoying their coffee break, flying miles and miles in the air, and savoring their Lotus Biscoff-infused snack. From its humble beginnings in Lembeke to 80 years and counting of crunchy, caramel magic in every bite, Lotus Biscoff is still making sweet, sweet history.

Lotus Biscoff is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Fly Ace Corporation and is available in all leading supermarkets. The biscuits are available in 125 g, 124 g, 156 g, and 250 g packets, while the spreads are available in Crunchy and Smooth variants.

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To know more about Lotus Biscoff, visit biscoff.com or join our Facebook community at facebook.com/LotusBiscoffPH.


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