Fuel Your Body With All The Good Stuff at ‘Vibe Superfood Cafe’ in BGC

Healthy eating can be fun, and putting in some superfood into your diet doesn't have to be expensive. Here's a cafe in Burgos Circle where you can fuel your body right.

Healthy eating can be fun, and putting in some superfood into your diet doesn't have to be expensive. Here's a cafe in Burgos Circle where you can fuel your body right.

Vibe Superfood in BGC is all about approachable healthful food options you can enjoy every day, found at a laidback cafe in a yoga studio. Here, they transform your food and drink into nutritional powerhouses by putting some superfoods into the mix — not only do superfoods give your body great benefits like antioxidants and anti-aging effects, these nutrient-dense foods can also give your health a boost without sacrificing taste and flavor. Want to add a zing of superfood into your diet? Check out these must-try food and drink from Vibe.

Yellow Sunshine (P170/cold, P160/hot): 'Play' immunity shot, soya milk, Vibe cold brew, raw honey

Want a perk me up? The regular cuppa joe is replaced at Vibe with a selection of 'Cuppa Glow,' energy-boosting beverages served hot and cold to sip on.  Their Yellow Sunshine has Raw Honey as natural sweetener, sweetening your food in the best way possible because it serves as a digestive aid, reduces the risk of cancer, and is rich in antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The shot of Vibe's 'Play' is a flavor-packed combination of turmeric (packed with iron and is also anti-inflammatory), ginger (improves blood circulation), dalandan, and lemon (rich in vitamin C).

Pink Me Up (P170/cold): acai, Vibe cold brew, soya milk, pandan, spirulina

Another delicious drink is their Pink Me Up, fortified with Spirulina, a blue-green algae that boost the immune system, and is rich in protein vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. This drink also has Acai, the anthocyanin-rich berry popular for being an antioxidant, boosting the immunity system and being an anti-aging superfood.

Matcha-Twenty (P170/cold, P160/hot): matcha, maca, Vibe cold brew, soya milk, pandan, spirulina

The creamy and refreshing Matcha-Twenty is also a must try. This beverage also has spirulina in it, and adding more power to the drink is matcha (green tea) and maca. Matcha doesn't just make this drink a gorgeous shade of green, the popular flavor does have its health benefits, such as detoxifying properties and aiding weight loss by increasing metabolism. It's also a mood booster and helps in concentration. Matcha-Twenty also has maca powder, slightly nutty in flavor similar to malt, and is hailed for being rich in vitamins, increasing stamina, and giving the skin a healthier glow.

Berry Good Parfait (P240): chia seeds, coconut, honey, matcha, cacao nibs, yogurt, banana, berries, mango

Vibe Superfood opens early — 6am on weekdays and 8:30am weekends, so the neighborhood can have a healthy fix for breakfast. If you love fruit, try the Berry Good Parfait, a naturally sweet mix that makes for a very healthy vegetarian and gluten free meal. The addition of chia seeds gives you a high fiber fix that helps reduce hunger pangs, and the seeds are also known to lower inflammation and aid in digestion. One order will fill you up real quick!

Curry Me Away (P260)

Other tummy fillers in this cafe include rice bowls, wraps, sandwiches, and pasta. They keep it very playful with puns for the dishes, like Curry Me Away, a vegetarian, gluten free rice meal that's best for those seeking some heat and spice in every bite — three kinds of mushrooms are served in veggie curry, with cucumber relish, and brown rice.

Dream Cheesers (P220)

If your sweet dreams are made of cheese, then get their meatless yet filling Dream Cheesers vegetarian sandwich of buffalo mozzarella, tomato, cheddar, and raw honey. A personal favorite is their Pesto-Mania, a take on the popular pesto pasta using malunggay (moringa) with basil pesto to make it extra healthful. Parmesan and chicken round up this plate of pasta good.

Pesto-Mania (P230)

At Vibe SuperFood, you can also supercharge your meals and drinks with Superfood Add-ons (add P30) –a serving of chia seeds, maca, hemp hearts, flaxseed, acai, hemp protein, cacao nibs, goji berries, camu camu berries, wheatgrass, bee pollen, or spirulina.

Visit Vibe Superfood Cafe in LiFE Yoga at the second level of Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig. The cafe is open weekdays from 6am to 10pm, and weekends from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Call +63 916 746 3164, visit www.vibesuperfood.com, and follow Vibe Superfood on Facebook and Instagram (vibesuperfood)


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