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Goldilocks knows the joys of birthdays; new cakes lined up to celebrate your special day!

As each year comes as a gift, at the heart of this joyous celebration lies the centerpiece of every birthday feast – a Goldilocks cake.

Birthdays are uniquely special to every person celebrating it. For the celebrator, it’s a day where they gather their loved ones, string up balloons, and prepare for a day filled with laughter and, sometimes, even tears of joy as they mark their annual journey around the sun.

As each year comes as a gift, at the heart of this joyous celebration lies the centerpiece of every birthday feast – a Goldilocks cake.

Serving as a sweet symbol of love and new beginnings in every Pinoy handaan, a birthday celebration is never complete without Goldilocks. It is guaranteed to bring so much joy and excitement, making it the cake of choice for many Filipino households for 57 years now.

And this September – the most popular month for birthdays – Goldilocks makes every celebration extraordinarily wonderful with two new offerings that are perfect for your very own yearly thanksgiving day.

A luscious chocolate cake kids would want to dive into


Kids go loco for choco! You won’t go wrong with Goldilocks’ newest offering, Luscious Chocolate – a delicious treat for chocolate lovers priced at only P540. This double-layered masterpiece boasts two indulgent layers of chocolate chiffon, generously filled and iced with velvety chocolate frosting. But that’s just the beginning of its chocolatey charm!

What sets this cake apart is its exquisite design, showcasing the top and bottom adorned with two-toned chocolate buttercream icing that’s as mesmerizing as it is mouthwatering. And if that weren’t enough to make your taste buds dance with delight, there’s an added surprise – a sprinkle of chocolate chips on top of delicate rosettes, giving the cake a light crunch and a burst of even more chocolatey goodness. It’s essentially a chocolate heaven in cake form that kids and kids-at-heart will definitely enjoy.

After all, when it comes to birthdays, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate!

A magical explosion of colors and flavors

Equally extraordinary is the Rainbow Magic cake – Goldilocks’ most colorful cake ever that’s sure to make every birthday celebration more vibrant.  As you cut into this magical round cake, you will be greeted with not one, not two, but three layers of sheer goodness!

At 590 pesos, each layer represents a different flavor adventure – from the classic and comforting vanilla to the fruity and vibrant strawberry, and finally, the uniquely Filipino ube flavor. In between these layers are a delightful surprise: ube and strawberry buttercream that adds a creamy, dreamy texture and a burst of flavor that perfectly complements each layer.

This festive chiffon cake is topped with rainbow-colored rosette and sprinkles, making it a feast for the taste buds and the eyes. You and your child will surely love the explosion of colors and flavors all in one slice!

So whether it’s Luscious Chocolate or Rainbow Magic (or both!), Goldilocks cakes are not only a treat for the taste buds but also a celebration of joy and love. After all, it’s not just a cake; it’s a memory in the making.

As you celebrate your special day in this colorful world, make it filled with extraordinary joy with Goldilocks!

For more information on how you can #CelebrateBirthdays with #GoldilocksPH, follow Goldilocks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also check out Goldilocks’ menu and order via GrabFood, FoodPanda, or through

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