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Locavore Estancia Opens: A Fresh Twist on Filipino Dining in Pasig

Experience Locavore's Estancia debut—a symphony of classic Filipino flavors and contemporary cocktails, masterfully curated for the discerning palate.

Renowned for reimagining comfort Filipino food with a modern panache, Locavore debuts its latest outpost in Estancia’s thriving gourmet landscape. The newly opened branch is not just an addition, but a promise: of flavors rooted in tradition yet bursting with contemporary twists celebrating the rich cuisine of the Philippines while also introducing something fresh to the table.

Estancia: A Culinary Mecca

Nestled amidst a treasure trove of restaurants and cafes, Estancia has carved a niche for itself, drawing food enthusiasts with its curated selection of eateries. Each establishment beckons with its own culinary story, offering a spectrum of flavors catering to eclectic tastes.

Locavore’s Estancia Edition: A Blend of Time-Honored and Trailblazing

In its latest Estancia outpost, Locavore presents an extended menu that weaves tales of home-grown ingredients with groundbreaking flavor blends. Within its sophisticated interiors, diners can relish the comforting embrace of Filipino culinary classics, reimagined through contemporary techniques.

Behind the Scenes: Locavore’s Estancia Vision

Locavore’s team sheds light on their Estancia journey,  “We opened a second branch in Estancia because we believe in the power of food to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences. Estancia’s vibrant community and diverse food scene perfectly align with our vision of celebrating the rich cuisine of the Philippines while also infusing it with a fresh twist. With our commitment to sourcing locally and creating innovative dishes, we are excited to share our culinary passion with even more diners in this thriving neighborhood. The new branch allows us to further showcase our mixologist’s craftsmanship, crafting unique cocktails that perfectly complement our culinary offerings. We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter and continue delighting food enthusiasts with the magic of Locavore.”

Cocktails that Converse with Cuisine

Lee Watson, veteran mixologist, takes cocktail crafting up a notch. His new range, featuring 7 drinks, each utilizing different flavors such as citrus juice, honey, and ginger, offering several refreshing options for guests to enjoy during their dining experience. Watson believes cocktails aren’t mere accompaniments, but vital components of the culinary experience.


According to Watson, the development of new cocktail recipes heavily relies on the food being served at the restaurant. By identifying specific ingredients and distinct flavors, a collection of cocktails that perfectly complements the taste of the meals can be created.

“Cocktails can complement food in more diverse ways than beer or a glass of wine,” said Watson. “A cocktail can stimulate appetite as an aperitif, complement a dish, cleanse the palate between dishes, or help settle your stomach as a digestif. It can do this with a broader selection of flavors and ingredients than typical alcoholic beverages. And cocktails are increasingly becoming more complex in ways which match the complexity and techniques of food.”

Beyond being mere beverages, these cocktails promise to elevate the overall Locavore experience, infusing a sense of adventure and curiosity into each meal. Locavore’s commitment to employing diverse flavors and combinations of alcoholic bases not only offers a distinctive dining opportunity for guests throughout the restaurant but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the artistry of mixology.

Locavore: Expanding Culinary Horizons

Locavore’s Estancia debut signifies more than just an expansion. It’s a pledge to bring its unparalleled dining spectacle to an expansive Filipino audience, drawing in both local gourmands and those from surrounding cities, making it accessible to a wider audience of Filipinos keen on experiencing Locavore’s dishes and handcrafted cocktails.

For Filipino food aficionados eager to embark on this gastronomic journey, Locavore awaits across various locations including Brixton Barrio Kapitolyo, Forbestown, Valero St., S’Maison, Eastwood Mall, SM City Bacoor, and of course, Estancia Mall. Those who prioritize convenience can savor Locavore’s masterpieces via Grab Food and Pickaroo.

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