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A Hidden Culinary Gem: Chef Tatung’s Private Dining “LIKHA” Menu in Antipolo

Antipolo's Best-Kept Secret: A Culinary Journey with Chef Tatung's LIKHA! Experience the Philippines' flavors in a scenic dining haven. Book now!

Nestled amidst the verdant serenity of Antipolo, away from the bustling city’s cacophony, lies an intimate culinary haven – Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou’s Private Dining. Imagine being cocooned in a beautifully curated dining space, flanked by nature’s green embrace, while you savor masterfully crafted dishes paired with the finest wines. Ah, pure bliss! Whether you’re with your special someone, family, or a close-knit circle of friends, this place transforms each meal into a cherished memory.

Step into a haven of culinary wonders and scenic beauty, as Chef Tatung unveils his latest creation, drawing inspiration from the Philippines’ diverse palate.

LIKHA: An Ode to Philippine Culinary Heritage

This month, a new set of dishes called “LIKHA – Flavors of the Islands” isn’t just a menu; it’s a journey. Eight courses, each narrating tales of our nation’s rich culinary tapestry. Chef Tatung, not just a celebrated chef but also an acclaimed author and restaurateur, crafts each dish with a touch of nostalgia. He says, “LIKHA is a play on regional classics, reinterpreted in contemporary style. It is fresh yet familiar, even comforting to a certain level.”

It’s not just about the flavors. Every plate is a visual spectacle, promising a multi-sensory delight. As our eyes eat first, Chef Tatung and his culinary team take extra effort in making sure the dishes are visually pleasing, the aroma wafting from the kitchen is enticing and the taste is truly satisfying and enjoyable.

Eight (8) new dishes include:
Amous Bouche: Kinilaw na Tuna


Abre Gana (Starters):

  • Seafood Binakol (Buko meat and juice, Clams, Shimeji mushrooms)
  • Eggplant Salad
  • Breads and Spread


  • Seafood Satti (Squid, Shrimps, Scallops, Maranao Yellow Rice, Satti Sauce)
  • Corned Beef with Bone Marrow

Palate Cleaner: Sorbetes (Pinya, Gata and Rum)

Dessert: Ube Halaya at Pudding

Remember, the LIKHA: Flavors of the Islands menu is a limited edition treat, gracing us only from August through September. So, seize the moment! Reservation is a must.

Making Memories at Antipolo’s Culinary Gem

Nestled in Sitio Paenaan, Antipolo, this private dining sanctuary opens its doors from Thursday to Sunday, exclusively for lunch and dinner reservations only. A note to eager diners: Thursdays and Fridays require a party of at least six to be accommodated. For weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, couple, families, groups are all welcome.

Ready to embark on this culinary voyage? To reserve, ring up (63 956) 660-5913 or drop a line at tatungsprivatedinner@gmail.com. And hey, don’t forget to stalk them (in a good way!) on Chef Tatung’s Private Dining on FB & IG to catch the latest updates.

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