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Lucky Me! Go Cups Ditches the Sachets!

Here are five things you never have to worry about again

Iconic noodle brand Lucky Me! has recently revealed that consumers can now enjoy Lucky Me! Go Cups without the sachets.

With seasonings already included inside the easy-prep cup, one only needs to add hot water and enjoy the same intense sarap flavors wherever and whenever. A handful of popular content creators and digital personalities, who also enjoy the variety of flavors offered with each Go Cup, have shared what they like most about the change.

  1. No more hassle to add the seasoning

The feistiest of them all, Sassa Gurl mentioned how easy it is to just enjoy her favorite Lucky Me! Go Cups after her followers asked why she’s not adding the seasoning. Sassa hits back and says, “Nandun na po siya, nakalagay na po. Naka-install na yung powder! In-update nila!”


Mga nakshie, higop tayo sabaw! Ano ganap? Chikahan tayo with all new @Lucky Me! Go Cup Boogsh #LuckyMeEasyPrepCup #SachetItOff

♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl – Sassa Gurl

She also jokes, “Mas matitikman mo yung flavor kasi kumpleto na sa loob, kumpleto yung 18,000 granules!”

2. No sachets = instant satisfaction


One half of the viral PoCha duo, Warren Osinaga (aka Poca) recently shared how he went to a friend’s party to eat—apparently his reason for going—but the food wasn’t ready yet. So, he went back to his car momentarily where he was ready with hot water from a thermos bottle and just enjoyed a Lucky Me! Go Cup to satisfy his hunger.


Iba rin ang atake netong Lucky Me eh. Napakasarap ng kain kahit nagtatatakbo ka na kung san sa @Lucky Me! #LuckyMeEasyPrepCup #SachetItOff

♬ Lo-Fi electric piano fashionable(840331) – yutaka.T

Poca exclaims, “Bahala kayo diyan, mas matimbang ang Lucky Me Spicy Bulalo kesa sa mga lumpiang shanghai niyo diyan!” The hilarious vlogger later explained that it’s easier to prepare now that there’s no need to fumble with sachets.

3. No Slow Work, More Bebu Time

Nelson Baraquia, whom netizens collectively acknowledge as Bebu, also enjoys a convenient pick-me-up between working out and working remotely. He appreciates how it has the “same intense sarap, now in an easy-prep cup.”


Bebu 2.0 coming your way ???? @Lucky Me!

♬ original sound – Bebu – Bebu

4. No Assistance Needed

When you’re the “Trophy Wife” who everyone aspires to be like Rain Matienzo, you must be able to manage on your own, especially during workdays. Embodying her iconic character, Rain shares how she’s back to her acting career and showed what happens behind the camera.


Ang hirap na nga ng trabaho at lovelife, buti nalang yung pag kain ng noodles mas madali na @Lucky Me! ❤️#LuckyMeEasyPrepCup #SachetItOff

♬ original sound – Rain Matienzo – Rain Matienzo

“After a few scenes, I was very tired na so I snuck in a quick merienda. Wala nga pala si Yaya dito so I was looking for someone to prep my Lucky Me Go Cup,” the content creator said, still in her character. “But I didn’t need someone to help me na pala so I just prepared it myself! No more sachets, less hassle!”

5. Intense Sarap you Stay, Sachet Away

After her stint in Drag Race Philippines, Viñas DeLuxe has gotten a lot busier. Which is why when getting ready for back-to-back performances, she said she has learned how to do her makeup quickly—often in less than 20 minutes.


GRWM full drag in 20 mins! May mas bibilis pa pala sa’kin?? #SachetItOff na ang #LuckyMeEasyPrepCup ???? Try niyo na rin ang mas convenient na Lucky Me! Go Cup now in Easy Prep Cup ????

♬ original sound – Vinas DeLuxe – Vinas DeLuxe

“Sa tagal ko mag-makeup? Mga misis, kulang ako sa oras! Kaya naka-ready always itong Lucky Me! Go Cup!” she explains while doing makeup. “Dati pag namali pa ko nang pagbukas, nalalaglag sa makeup ko yung seasoning, ngayon wala nang sachet pero ganun pa rin kasarap!” she continues.

With these variants to choose from, Go Lang with your favorite Lucky Me! Go Cup, now in Easy Prep Cup—with no more sachets and with the seasonings already inside, just add hot water and enjoy the same Intense Sarap that you’ve always loved.

For more information and details, follow Lucky Me! on Facebook.

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