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Tivoli Royale Country Club’s New All-Day Dining Menu Is All About The Good Ol’ Days

Warmth and nostalgia come alive in its family-friendly menu

Behind the fun and active lifestyle at Tivoli Royale Country Club is a food culture that openly embraces familiar and straightforward dishes. But what makes its banner restaurant, Royale Lounge worth the trip is its latest array of new menu items designed to bring the whole family to the table. 

From the comforting to the nostalgic, with something bright and cheerful in between, the new menu is all about collective experiences of “unforgettable food that we tried at some point in our lives, learned to love and regularly crave for” according to Tivoli Royale Country Club General Manager, Cherryl Go. 


For starters, the Louisiana-inspired Po’ Boy (Php420) by Executive Chef Jonnel Roxas is a must-try. A hearty submarine sandwich with crispy chunks of deep-fried freshwater shrimp coated in the cajun spice blend, topped with pickle relish and remoulade sauce. Encased in warm and crusty Pistolet bread, it is sensationally satisfying and cooked to order to ensure freshness. 

The Beef Steak Sandwich (Php400) is a Philly cheese steak-inspired recipe using crusty French bread that imparts the same comforting experience aptly adjusted to Filipino taste buds. Another favorite rendition of Chef Jonnel, the tender and toothsome sirloin beef with smothered onions, pickles, and smoked cheese sauce, has a more nuanced flavor that breathes new life to this less complicated, deliciously ideal lunchtime lift. 


Rice lovers will surely find Sous Chef Jomhar Marcial’s Nasi Goreng (P550) inspiring enough to propel anyone out of bed. Cooked in a wok, this Indonesian rice delicacy with chicken satay is still anchored on tradition. But a twist comes from the punctuated touch of Filipino flavoring by adding pickled papaya as a side dish into the mix. Tucking the generous mound of rice in a scrambled egg provides another layer of satiating surprise and something extra in every bite.  

In essence, their slow-cooked stew is one of the definitive examples of comfort in a bowl.  But for Chef Jonnel whose hands and palate were extensively trained for Mediterranean cuisine, his Mediterranean Lamb Stew (P1,050) is a milder version and tailored for the Filipino gourmand. The careful method involves double sautéing the young lamb to get rid of the peculiar odor and immediately following through with another sautéing process in onion, garlic, ginger, and spices. Moreover, the 3-hour stewing process results in an earthy, heavy but balanced flavor, finished with fresh spinach and fiber-rich chickpeas. It is best served with steamed rice. 

Another popular dish to fuel active and wellness-conscious diners is the Pan Seared Mahi-Mahi (P600): a tropical saltwater fish marked with meatiness, succulence, and flakiness. Pan searing, allows the mahi mahi to be cooked quickly and to bring out a crusted layer. Additionally, by cooking it twice in the oven, the other side of the fish becomes soft and tender, which adds another layer of texture.  Paired with mesclun greens, refreshing fruit chutney, and a slice of lemon, look forward to a clean-tasting spark of flavor without being calorie-laden. 


Another batch of hearty viands that merits an order is Royal Lounge’s latest selection of family favorites. 

Start off with the Country Fried Chicken (P600), marked by its garlicky flavor just the way most Filipinos love. Paired with peppery pan gravy, it makes the perfect go-to meal for lunch or dinner and surely hits the spot whenever, wherever. 

Surprise, surprise!  Royal Lounge’s Pork Dinuguan (Php500) is wholesome and welcoming, favoring an umami-rich taste marked by its perfect balance of saltiness and acidity.  This thick and grainy stew is unlike any other as the recipe uses only the freshest ingredients, developed and enhanced by one of Royal Lounge’s chefs whose specialty is all about Filipino-forward dishes and who can cook everything with consistency and preciseness. 

Adding to the list is Gising-Gising (Php350), meant for those who are partial to coconut dishes with a spicy kick. A recipe devoted to playing with textures beginning from the winged beans (sigarilyas) and tender and bite-sized pork slices. It’s topped with pineapple bits to add a light sour note but still provides a taste of home. 


Cheesy Macaroni (Php350) is basically a hug on a plate but Royal Lounge’s version lives up to its decadent cheesiness. The ultimate comfort food and lavished with creamy goodness, it’s essentially restorative any time of the day. 

Whether as a snack or appetizer, the Mozzarella Sticks (Php320) appeal both to the heart and taste buds. Paired with marinara sauce, it complements its gooey, melty, and crispy texture. 

For a sweet ending, the Choco Lava Cake (P380) is decadent but not cloying. A chocolate lover’s dream with a warm and molten center, the topping is liberally dusted with Bianca sugar for an absolute indulgent treat and will go down well with black coffee or tea. 

If leaning towards a fruity and flaky option, the Mango Tartlet (P380) heeds the call. This dessert treat is made of whipped cream, caramel, almonds, and mangoes that provide a classic comfort feel in this sweet, tarty, and nutty mix.

“Our new menu is a collaboration of our chefs and at the same time based on what diners are looking for. We don’t want our restaurant to remain a secret and patrons can surely expect the same consistency and quality in our banquet menu,” adds Cherryl. 

For the ideal setting in a relaxed, inclusive, and accessible outdoor dining experience, visit the Royale Lounge on the 3rd level of Tivoli Royale.  You will never be on the lookout again for a dining destination that puts a premium on value-for-money, 5-star hotel quality in every dish that it offers. And not necessarily in the order!

Tivoli Royale Country Club is located at Yakal Street, Tivoli Royale Subdivision, Quezon City. For more information, visit, Tivoli Royale Country Club Facebook, and Tivoli Royale Country Club Instagram. Contact the membership manager at (63 917) 708-1445.

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