Eat of the Week: Mac and Cheese served in Cubes, a Prelude to your Steak Night in Baguio

Macaroni and cheese gets even cheesier, and served as big chunky treats at The Outlook Steak & Grill.

Macaroni and cheese gets even cheesier, and served as big, chunky, irresistible treats at this steakhouse in Baguio City.

Parmesan Crusted Mac & Cheese with Marinara Sauce

The Outlook Steak & Grill is all about American comfort food, mouthwatering steaks, and all the trimmings that come along with it–served with a relaxing view of Baguio's pine trees and lush greenery. One of the more sensational sides you can serve with a big, juicy steak is the classic macaroni and cheese. It's a carb choice that is excellent with ribs and bbq, awesome with roast chicken, delicious with steak, and comforting on its own. Maybe it's because the reliable mix of cheese and chewy starch makes it a hit across all ages. And at The Outlook, this comes in the form of golden cubes, encrusted with more cheese.

Their Parmesan Crusted Mac & Cheese with Marinara Sauce is a sight to behold for mac and cheese lovers: now your favorite pasta can be eaten with your hands and in consumed in three bites (or two, depending how timid your hunger is). They cook macaroni and cheese and shape them into this chunky cubes bigger than a golf ball, and gone next-level cheese by encrusting it in more cheese: a coating of parmesan and assorted spices. It's then fried until golden, and served hot on your table.

This little twist to the humble pasta makes sense — think of it as those mozzarella sticks you love, since these also come with a tangy marinara sauce, only with the added bonus of al dente macaroni stuffed inside it. The salty cheese is balanced out with the tomatoey kick of the dipping sauce, the chewy insides combining well with the light crunch of the cheesy crust. It's happy, cheese-loaded food to make you feel like a kid again.


We added a little twist to Mac & Cheese by encrusting it in more cheese! Introducing our Parmesan Crusted Mac & Cheese! #theoutlookbgo

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The Dish: Parmesan Crusted Mac & Cheese with Marinara Sauce (P190)

Where to Find it: The Outlook Steak & Grill, Baguio

Visit The Outlook Steak & Grill beside Sierra Pines Hotel, 43 North Outlook Drive, Baguio City. Like The Outlook on Facebook (/theoutlookbgo) and follow on Instagram (@theoutlookbgo). #theoutlookbgo

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