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Alt Pops

Alt Scoops Launches Alt Pops, its Oat-Milk Low-Calorie Ice Cream in Popsicle-Form

These Alt Pops are their best-selling flavors dipped in rich dark chocolate!

Alt Scoops, the oat-milk-powered, low-calorie ice cream brand just launched 3 decadent dairy-free ice cream bars. They’ve perfected their 3 bestselling flavors (Oat Milk, Strawberry, and Cappuccino Crunch), dipped them in rich dark chocolate, and put them on a stick for a medley of flavors you won’t want to miss. A generous yet guilt-free bar on a stick. 

Enter—Alt Pops. These undeniably delicious, yet guilt-free indulgences will make a dairy-free believer out of any hardcore dairy ice cream fan. Popsicles that will literally leave you to pop ‘til you drop. 

Alt Scoops’s creamy, just-the-right-amount-of-sweet oat milk ice cream is wrapped in a perfectly thick and crispy chocolate shell comprised of Auro’s 64% Dark Couverture Chocolate. Each bite starts with a crack of a generous coating of Auro, followed by an explosion of mind-blowing flavors brought forward by their 3 bestsellers: Oat Milk,  Strawberry, and Cappuccino Crunch.  

A generous yet guilt-free bar on a stick. The scrumptious contrast between the slightly lighter consistency of oat milk ice cream, in combination with the thick and rich coating of dark chocolate, envelopes your palate almost instantly.  

Alt Pops presents itself as a grab-and-go snack that’s sweet but never too much with an incredibly simple ingredient list. A truly satisfying treat made for adults and kids alike. Bonus: these 3 flavors come in the cutest packaging. 


About the Flavors 

Oat Milk  

A decadent yet simple combination of oat milk dipped in Auro’s award-winning couverture 64% dark chocolate for a perfectly thick and crisp outer shell. 


Just like our OG pints, our newest Alt Pops Strawberry is composed of freshly and locally sourced Cordillera strawberries. Each one is harvested by hand when perfectly ripe. Perfectly captured in each stick.  

Cappuccino Crunch 

Smooth flavors from Italian Arabica Espresso beans, but with a kick. Creamy but with a crunch of Auro’s award-winning couverture 64% dark chocolate and almonds.

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