Nasi Lemak and Roti Prata Stall ‘Any Any’ Opens at Hole In The Wall, Century City Mall

Where should we eat? "Any any," or anywhere, anything goes, is how this new stall in Hole in the Wall got its name. And here, it's all about simple and comforting Southeast Asian food created by Chefs Nicco Santos and Quenee Vilar.

Where should we eat? "Any any," or anywhere, anything goes, is how this new stall in Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall got its name. And at Any Any, it's all about simple and comforting Southeast Asian food created by Chefs Nicco Santos and Quenee Vilar in the kitchen, starting with Nasi Lemak and Roti Prata.

Opening on Sunday: 'Any Any' plays around with the "Anywhere" answer when one is asked where they'd like to eat

Any Any's first stall, opening this Sunday inside Hole in the Wall, is its first of what hopefully will be many more to come. "In Singapore, each hawker have different specialties, so what we will try to execute is for each Any Any, we'll have different specialties," Santos explains, "so that we can really get good at it in the long run. Maybe our next Any Any will be noodles, and then maybe the next Any Any is chicken rice, or laksa." The first stall is focused on doing the rice dish Nasi Lemak and Roti Prata (fried flatbread served with curry) really well.

Chef Nicco Santos (Your Local, Hey Handsome) preparing Any Any's Nasi Lemak

"Each Any Any will be different, and hopefully it works. If we try to do everything in one menu in one place, we might not be as focused as when we keep doing one thing every single day. I want to be as good as the uncles in hawkers. Hopefully, that's something we can achieve. This will be a teaser," the chef shares.

Nasi Lemak at Any Any can be ordered with beef, chicken, polluck (fish), or prawns. Each order comes with fragrant rice cooked in real gata (coconut milk), with a delicious touch of ginger, onions, galanggal, and pandan for an even more mouthwatering aroma. The rice comes with peanuts, egg, some cucumber slices and a homemade sambal that's more on the sweet side. It's a great way to introduce this popular Malaysian dish without putting too much heat on the palate.

Beef Nasi Lemak
Prawns Nasi Lemak

For dessert or snacking, Any Any is serving both sweet and savory variants of Roti Prata, and currently there are eight on their lineup: there's cheese, onion, beef, mackerel, chili crab, banana, salted caramel, and sangkaya. The savory roti prata variants come with a curry dipping sauce that's pleasantly sweet with just a tickle of heat and spice.

Mackerel Roti Prata
Cheese Roti Prata
Chili Crab Roti Prata
Salted Caramel Roti Prata

Any Any is slated to open on Sunday, June 25, and is still open to little tweaks in their recipes and food. "As we get feedback, we will slightly adjust, but now we really strive to do comfort and value for money," Chef Nicco Santos shares. Expect simple food that's down home comforting when Any Any opens this weekend, with prices suiting the P200 to P300 budget.

Any Any is opening this weekend at Hole in The Wall, located at the 4th level of Century City Mall, Makati. Like Any Any on Facebook and follow on Instagram (anyanyph).

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