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Cereals and Breakfast Snacks Metro Manila

Where to Get Imported Cereals and Breakfast Snacks in Metro Manila

Here's a list of places where you can get imported cereals and other breakfast snacks for a quick and easy bite!

Whatever anyone says, breakfast is the most important part of the day. And for the times you are extra busy in the morning and have no time to whip up a complete meal, grabbing a box of cereals is the next best thing. Although let’s be real, cereals are not just for breakfast and they are not just for kids as well. Have you always wanted to switch it up a bit but don’t know where to begin? Below, we list down where you can get imported cereals and other breakfast snacks for a quick and easy bite. And yes, all of these are available in the metro:

As Nature Intended

Just one look at their website, you’ll already know you’re in the right place. As Nature Intended is an e-grocery offering local and international products that make eating healthy much more achievable and less intimidating. They have granola and overnight oats, and they also have frozen food, skincare, health supplements, and workout equipment and beverages.

Shop here.

Coop Fresh

The newest kid on the block, Coop Fresh is an online grocer with a wide assortment of fresh food: from vegetables to poultry. On the side, they have the usual home essentials and other food items — including cereals and granola.

Shop here.


If you’re planning to start caring for what you’re consuming, check out GERALD which is a healthy & gourmet grocer. They have a selection of items imported from the US, Italy, and Peru, perfect for making healthy breakfast.

Shop here.

Healthy Options

Known to be a go-to place for all things healthy, Healthy Options has an assortment of breakfast cereals whether you’re looking to cut on sugar, add more protein to your diet, or would just want more fiber. They have Love Grown’s Power O’s, Choco Chimps, Love Crunch, and more.

Shop here.


Choose from local and international products in-store and online. Landers has Lucky Charms, Koko Krunch Maxx, Oceanix, Unicorn Froot Loops, and so much more.

Shop here.


If you can’t find your preferred cereal anywhere, chances are, it’s on Lazada. With just a quick query, you’ll find unique cereals like Kellogg’s Strawberry Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s Froot Loops, General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


Just like Lazada, Shopee has a wide variety of cereals on its platform. They have Kellogg’s Chocos Magic Cereal, Koko Krunch Cookie Breakfast, and Kellogg’s Froot Loop with Marshmallows to name a few.

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