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HOLIDAY WISHLIST: Food & Drink Giveaways in Manila Every Foodie Will Love

A list of food & drink giveaways if your love language is gifting food!

The Holidays are upon us. Restrictions are easing up but if you’re still extra careful (we don’t blame you) about meeting up with family and friends, showing your love through food is the best way. On this list, we’ve rounded up food & drink giveaways your loved ones will surely appreciate!

Chingolo Deli

These Chingolo Deli Christmas Kits are every meat lover’s dream gift. This year, they offer four variations: Noche Buena, La Epifania, Es La Temporada, and Regalito. All of which have a great selection of their best-selling cuts, meat rubs, steak sauces, and a bottle of wine.

Christmas kits start at P3,250. Order here.

Delizioso Premium Deli

Let your friends know you miss hanging out with them over brunch or wine nights by sending them a wine and deli gift kit. Get their Standard Box (starts at P1,200), Mini Box (starts at P650), or Petite Box (starts at P375). Individual wine orders for gifting start at P350 (with free packaging). You can also create your own wine and deli kit if you want your own touch to it!

To order, message them on Instagram.


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Deli by Chele

Food & Drink Giveaways

Every year, Deli by Chele’s Holiday gift sets get even better. There’s a budget-friendly Kris Kringle box with packs of New York Brisket Pastrami, Honey Cured Ham, Mango and Basil Jam, and Truffle Cream Cheese. If you prefer to go all out, get the Christmas Cheers Box which can feed up to six people!

Holiday gift sets start at P1,000. Order here.

Dot Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee and donuts? Especially when they’re gifted! Dot Coffee offers two gifting sets — one for coffee and one for donuts. The coffee set has three bottles where you can choose 2 regular variants and 1 dirty variant while the donuts set has four donuts where you can choose from the regular line or holiday line. Both sets come in really cute gift packaging!

The Coffee Set is priced at P500 and the Donut Set starts at P180. Order here.


Miss your weekend buddy? Tell them you can’t wait to see them again with this See You Soon Kit from OTO. It comes with two bottled cocktails, two bottled coffee, 1 tote bag, 1 OTO wooden coaster, and 1 OTO patch and pin. Now all you have to do is plan your online hangout!

The See You Soon Kit is priced at P2,500. Get it here.

Take Two

Level up your excessive snacking with these dips from Take Two. Unlike dips that I’ve tried in the market, theirs are actually more flavorful. For Christmas, they’ve come up with a bundle with three dips and a bag of chips. Choose from their five dips: Chili con queso, Chili con queso caliente, Sour cream and onion, Herbed Hummus, and Vegan Chili. A personal favorite is the Chili con Queso and Sour Cream and Onion!

The dips start at P250, an additional P50 for the Christmas box. To order, visit their Instagram.

If you’re feeling extra saucy, check this out. Wokman has 12 sauces you can choose from! Add extra oomph to your dishes with sauces like Japanese Ginger Miso, Thai Yellow Coconut Curry, Herb Garlic Mayo, and more. I would 100% gift these to myself!

A 2-pack is priced at P599 and a 4-pack is priced at P999. To order, visit their Instagram.

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