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New World Makati Hotel Offers Premium Chinese Cuisine and Whole Decadent Cakes to Savor Safely at Home

Enjoy New World Makati Hotel's premium Chinese cuisine at 15% off and decadent cakes while safe at home until August 31, 2021.

New World Makai Hotel lets guests enjoy even more of their all-time favourite dim sum and best-selling array of whole cakes while staying safe at home during the quarantine with limited-time offers until August 31, 2021. Self pick-up orders at Jasmine are 15% off while decadent whole cakes are at Php1,000 nett. For guests who prefer to have their Jasmine orders delivered, the restaurant is available on mobile food apps Grab, Food Panda, Pickaroo for added convenience.

15% off on Jasmine Self Pick-up

Jasmine recently added six new flavorful dim sum additions to its famed all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner which are also available to enjoy at home. The six new must-try items may only be ordered for self pick-up for now and are not available yet on Grab, Pickaroo and FoodPanda, Guests should definitely try the Shrimp with corn and Chinese parsley dumpling, Minced chicken with truffle mushroom dumpling, Shrimp with pacific clam dumpling, Curry bun with chicken, mushroom, carrots and corn, Youtiao shrimp mousse with wasabi sauce, and Seafood cheese net spring roll – all of which go perfectly well with the rest of the restaurant’s array of dishes.

Among the classics are the well-loved Crispy pork belly, “Har gao” shrimp bamboo shoot dumpling, “Siu mai”, pork, crab meat dumpling, and Vegetable dumpling. Other highly requested items are the fried or baked selections: Seafood taro puff, Fried bean curd with spiced salt, Barbecued pork pastry puff, and Pan-fried radish cake which pair nicely with the rice and noodle dishes ‘Yeung chow’ style fried rice (good for 2) and Wok-fried rice noodles with beef and dark soy sauce

 Crispy pork belly

Appetizers Honey roasted pork and Crispy stuffed eggplant are fitting introductions to the hearty main courses ideal for two guests per serving which include the Deep-fried spare ribs with crispy garlic, Sweet and sour pork, Wok-fried chicken Kung Pao with cashews, Deep-fried sole fillet with salted egg yolk, Braised bean curd with assorted mushrooms and Stir-fried seasonal vegetables.

Mango Sago

A sweet ending to this bountiful feast would be a choice among the best-selling Mango cream sago, Glutinous rice dumplings with milk chocolate, and Deep-fried sesame balls with lotus paste filling.


Php1,000 nett for The Shop’s Decadent Whole Cakes

Strawberry Shortcake

Home celebrations or just about any occasion is made more special with The Shop’s lineup of decadent whole cakes available for just Php1,000 nett. Choose from four delightful options: the Strawberry Shortcake is made of layers of butter sponge cake and sliced strawberries cooked in sugar syrup, topped with macarons, ganache frosting and fresh berries; Chocolate Truffle Crunch comprising a creamy dark chocolate cake with layers of moist sponge and a hint of crunch topped with a dark chocolate coating; Almond Praline Crunch made with cream and soft cheese with a mixture of caramel hazelnut praline paste, finished with praline chantilly cream and almond flakes; and Red Velvet’s rich flavoured sponge cake layered with cream cheese frosting, topped with a mirror glaze. Orders are for self pick-up and must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

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Almond Praline Crunch

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