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Sebastian's Ice Cream Avocado August

Sebastian’s Ice Cream Celebrates Avocado August For The Whole Month

Sebastian's Ice Cream released three ice cream flavors and one ice cream cake using the rich and creamy fruit we all grew to love.

Sebastian’s Ice Cream has done it again. For the whole month of August, they’re highlighting a favorite Filipino fruit turned dessert — avocado. Unlike other countries that use avocados for savory dishes like guacamole or avocado sandwich, most Asian countries are used to having it with condensed milk and ice. It may be frowned upon by others but the taste is just exquisite! It’s rich and creamy, and makes for the perfect dessert.

For this month, Sebastian’s Ice Cream has released three ice cream flavors and one ice cream cake using the rich and creamy fruit we all grew to love. First is the classic Avocado Dream, it has just a condensed milk ice cream base and avocado. This reminds me of the easiest dessert you can make with avocado at home. It’s rich, creamy, and has just the right amount of sweetness!

A flavor that caught me by surprise is the Avocado Macchiato. It has an avocado ice cream swirled with coffee ice cream steeped for 12 hours in a roasted sagada bean custom blend by SGD Coffee. The combination of the two flavors is a bit different for me but it actually goes well together especially with the dark chocolate chunks and toasted almonds. Last but not least, the Avocado Sansrival. It is their plain avocado ice cream loaded with toasted cashews and buttery wafer pieces. Think of your favorite sansrival paired with the creaminess and slightly bitter taste of the avocado.

All flavors are P405 per pint at, and P135 per scoop at the Podium branch.

Sebastian’s Ice Cream Cake

Just like other collections released by Sebastian’s, there’s the Ice Cream Cake of the Month. For August, they’re offering Avocado Mocha which has layers of freshly baked coffee cake and avocado ice cream with a milk & almond crumb, garnished on top with a mocha chocolate drizzle and toasted almond crumble.


The 1 9-inch whole cake is priced at P1,650 and 1 slice is priced at P155. The whole cakes and slices are available at their online store at, and slices are available at The Podium branch.

The 3 Avocado August Ice Cream flavors and cake is available at their online store and at the Podium branch for the whole month of August.

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