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GUIDE: Where to Order Pinoy Barbecue and Other Filipino Street Food for Delivery

BBQ, fishball, kwek kwek, and more can now be delivered straight to your door!

Because of the pandemic, some of us may still be wary of buying our favorite street foods that are sold on the streetside. But with the aroma of barbecue, isaw, and other grilled or deep-fried snacks wafting through the air whenever we pass by an ihawan or fishbolan, we can’t help but crave and desire a bite.

Fortunately, if you want to enjoy your favorite street food from the safety of your home, there are also shops and stalls around the metro that deliver these delicious snacks straight to your doorstep! Check out some of them below.

Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus

Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus offers your favorite inihaw staples such as the Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, isaw, tenga, adidas, balat, and hotdog. To order, just send them a message on Facebook.

Bulilit Kitchen

Aside from your grilled favorites served by the piece and by platters, Bulilit Kitchen is also offering them in frozen packs so you can stock up on your favorite inihaw snacks at home! Order through their website.


For over three decades, Amber has been serving some of Pinoys’ most beloved dishes that are perfect for special occasions. There’s their Original Pancit Malabon, Delicious Pichi-Pichi, and of course, their Yummy Pork BBQ! Order now through their website or by calling them through this number: 8884-8888.

Photo: Amber website

Grill Queen

Grill Queen is another source of grill-icious food in Manila, serving Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, liempo, salmon, bangus, and more! Order now via foodpanda or by calling their number: 0935 255 9392.


Dencio’s is also known for serving a delicious lineup of Pinoy feast favorites, including the savory sticks of Pork BBQ that you can enjoy with their other sumptuous offerings such as the Palabok, Spaghetti, and Krispy Sisig to name a few. Order now through GrabFood, foodpanda, and their delivery website, You can also call them at this number: 888-79000.

Mang Inasal

Mang Inasal isn’t just home to the beloved Chicken Inasal paired with Unli-rice and Chicken Oil, the fast food chain also offers Pork BBQ and Liempo Inasal for your savory & meaty cravings! Order via GrabFood, foodpanda, or through their website.

Ineng’s Barbecue

Another beloved barbecue place, Ineng’s offers the savory meat on sticks alongside other local favorites such as the dinuguan, sinigang, and pancit, perfect for your lutong bahay feast at home. Order now by calling this number: Call 8777-1227.


When you’re buying a cake from Goldilocks, you can also purchase other party feast staples such as the Pancit Palabok, Lumpiang Shanghai, and of course, the Barbecue! Order now through GrabFood, foodpanda, their delivery website, or by calling their hotline: 8888-1-999.

Reyes Barbecue

Another source of snackable pork barbecue and other grilled delights, Reyes Barbecue also offers their food in frozen packs so you can prepare your own inihaw feast at home. Order via GrabFood or foodpanda. You can also contact them through Facebook or these numbers: 0995-3030637 and 0975-2351905.

Egg Station

Let’s not forget the deep-fried street food that we love such as the kwek kwek and tokneneng. Besides these delicious orange snacks, Egg Station is also offering One Day Old and boiled and fried Penoy & Balut. Order now through foodpanda and DeliRush.

Photo: Egg Station on Facebook

Avenida Pedestrian Delights

Looking for fishball, kikiam, and the like? Avenida Pedestrian Delights delivers these delicious delicacies from the streets to your home, complete with the savory-sweet sauce and mouthwatering vinegar dipping sauce we all know and love. You can now order for delivery by filling out their Order Form. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Crunchy Bucket

Another irresistible snack we love munching on is the crispy chicken skin. Fortunately for those who are craving it right now, Crunchy Bucket delivers this delicious street food, and even offers it in different flavors! Order now by sending them a message on Facebook.

INFOGRAPHIC: Here’s Your Essential Guide to Street Food in the Philippines

Homestream images from Goldilocks and Egg Station.

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