McDonald's Fish and Fries is Back for A Limited Time!

Craving for some good ol' fish and fries? 

In case you missed it, McDonald's brought back their classic Fish and Fries last week, just in time for Valentine's Day! Available for a limited time only, make sure to get this or their Filet-O-Fish - another classic - while you still have the chance! 

Photo: McDonald's

The Fish and Fries meal has tender fish fillet in a golden crunchy coating, best paired with McDo's French Fries, and with a choice of their special dipping sauce: Creamy Tartar Sauce or Sweet & Sour. Now, customers also have the option to order their 2-piece Fish & Fries meal, or change from Fries to Rice with no additional cost! 

Photo: McDonald's 

Sandwich lovers, on the other hand, can either order their Filet-O-Fish or Double Filet-O-Fish, both of which have their tender fish fillet served in a steamed bun, and with creamy tartar sauce, and American cheese. 

McDonald's Fish and Fries and Filet-O-Fish are now available in McDonald's branches and online for delivery. 

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