Dohtonbori Introduces Filipino Okonomiyaki Dishes Available For A Limited Time

For years now, Dohtonbori has been one of everyone's go-to places in the metro for some good okonomiyaki, which is basically "Japanese pancakes" cooked on a grill and topped with cabbage, bonito and seaweed flake, as well as Japanese mayo.

As Dohtonbori continues to grow and expand in the Philippines, the Japanese restaurant also aims to launch and introduces dishes that fuse Japanese and Filipino flavors. This is why just recently, they have introduced the Filipino Okomiyaki, which features 3 of everyone's favorite local dishes - Sisig, Kare-Kare, and Bicol Express

Photo: Dohtonbori/Facebook

If you're a fan of sisig, chances are you'll love it even more when made into okonomiyaki. The Sisig Okonomiyaki is made of crunchy chunks of pork, served fresh from the teppan to stay true to what a sisig and okonomiyaki are. 

The Kare-Kare Okonomiyaki, on the other hand, is made of chunks of beef, eggplant, and string beans, coated in a savory Kare-Kare sauce, giving you the flavors of the comfort food you've always enjoyed. 

Lastly, the Bicol Express Okonomiyaki is not to miss. This dish is perfect for those who want a bit of spice in their dishes as it combines the sweet and sour flavor of the okonomiyaki with the spiciness of the Bicol Express. 

Photo: Dohtonbori/Facebook

Dohtonbori's Filipino Okonomiyaki dishes are all priced at P385 and are available at all Dohtonbori branches from August 17 to September 17, 2019

For more information, you may check out their official Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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