The Hungry Guide: San Antonio Village, Makati City

Already tried out every restaurant in the whole of Poblacion, and are still looking for good food? Not too far from the area and from the Makati Central Business District is Brgy. San Antonio, which like its busier neighbors, is also home to restaurants that would give you the fix to whatever you're craving for. 

The Hungry Guide Click The City San Antonio Village Makati City

If you're not sure where to go first for your next food trip, we're giving you a rundown of 10 places to try when in Barangay San Antonio: 

1. 8065 Bagnet

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: 8065 Bagnet/Facebook

Craving for bagnet? There's no better place to go in Makati than 8065 Bagnet. While they serve their take on the Original Bagnet here, diners could also try the other dishes like Bagnet Binagoongan, Sinignan Bagnet, and Kare Kare Bagnet, which still put the spotlight on this classic Ilocano dish. 

A budget meal complete with rice and soup is priced from P130 to P135, while a bagnet dish that serves 2 people are priced from P200 to P210. 

2. Wingman 

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: Wingman/Facebook 

Located at The Collective in Malugay, Wingman serves different flavors of chicken wings. Their flavors range from the classic Buffalo Wings to the more unique ones like Prairie Fire, Moroccan Chermoula, and Satay Peanut. Their wings are priced at P235 for a half dozen, and P410 for a dozen. 

Aside from their chicken wings, some of their other bestsellers include The Cowboy Burger, Big Fred Burger, and Chicken Parmigiana. 

3. 12/10 

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: 12/10/Facebook 

Located along Guijo Street, 12/10 has tagged itself as a "non-traditional izakaya" people can go to after a long workday. They serve dishes made with fresh and local produce, which diners can enjoy while enjoying a drink or two from the selection of cocktails, Japanese whiskey, sake, and beer that's available and specially-curated for the restaurant. Some of the must-try dishes here are: Uni Toast, Octopus Croquettes, Katsu Sando, Buta Shabu, Wagyu. 

4. Zubuchon

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: Zubuchon/Facebook

Those who are looking for some good and authentic Cebu lechon wouldn't have to go all the way there to have it. Just like its menu back at home, you can always order Fast Meals (P290) here which would get you a serving of your choice of lechon with monggo soup, rice, and atchara. However, you may opt for the bigger serving sizes of their Zubuchon Original and Zubuchon Boneless Lechon if you're dining with a bigger group of people. 

5. Pat-Pat's Kansi 

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: Pat-Pat's Kansi/Facebook

First opened in Jaro, Iloilo back in 1999, Pat-Pat's Kansi specializes in kansi - a hot and sour soup dish made with an endemic Ilonggo fruit called batwan. Here, diners may choose between Kansi Laman - which will get you tender chunks of beef - and Kansi Bulalo - served with a huge bone, making the broth even more flavorful. 

6. Goto Monster

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: Goto Monster/Instagram

May it be for a breakfast, merienda, or a post-night-out meal, Goto Monster is the go-to place (see what we did there?) for anyone who craves for the Filipino comfort food, especially since it's open 24/7. If it's your first time trying out this famous joint, try their Goto Beef Tripe (P95) which is generously topped with tripe, fried garlic, scallions, salted egg, and tinapa flakes for that smokey flavor. Don't forget to pair it with Tokwa't Bagnet (P120), served with Goto Monster's own vinegar sauce. 

For those who are looking for vegetarian options, you can also get the Lugaw + Shiitake Mushroom and Tokwa + Mushrooms as alternatives. 

7. I'm Angus Steakhouse

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: I'm Angus Steakhouse/Facebook

Those who want to indulge and treat themselves with a nice slab of steak should definitely put I'm Angus Steakhouse on their list. This contemporary dining restaurant serves steak of the Certified Angus Beef brand flown from the United States. Aside from this, the restaurant also offers fresh seafood, side dishes, desserts, and a selection of wine to pair, giving diners a complete and filling meal. 

8. Dalat Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: Dalat Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine/Facebook

Here in Dalat, they put the spotlight on Vietnam's rice dishes called com tam or broken rice, which diners can choose among their Grilled Chicken Wig and Leg, Grilled Pork Belly, and Grilled Chicken options. They're also popular for their Vietnamese Beef Steak - beef tenderloin cooked in Vietnamese spices, and served with baguette, sausage, cream cheese, fries, and seasonal salads. 

For the drinks, diners may choose from the variety of drinks available, from the Salted Lemon Juice to the Vietnamese Coffee for those who want a dose of caffeine in their system. 

9. Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city

Serving various kinds of Carpaccio, this restaurant in San Antonio Village serves dishes that are innovative, yet are still authentically Italian. Their menu features a selection of Antipasti, main courses, pasta, pizza, and desserts. However, if you're out to try their bestsellers, make sure to try their Carpaccio ala Cipriani, Carpaccio Piemontese, Lamb Carpaccio, and Salmon Carpaccio. 

10. The Rabbit Hole

the hungry guide san antonio village makati city
Photo: The Rabbit Hole/Instagram

For the ones with a sweet tooth, The Rabbit Hole in Malugay should be on top of your list. Here, guests get to delight in all the different kinds of cake they have available, from the soft Ube Chiffon Cake to the famous Brazo De Mercedes. The restaurant also offers comfort food like nachos, sandwiches, and pasta if you're looking for something heavier before the big dessert. 

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