Kitsho Welcomes the 2018 Graduates

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With the exception of schools following the tri-mester school program, most of the other learning institutions follow the traditional calendar with March as culminating month of all student activity; especially for those that have completed their respective degrees, after four or five years of study.

At Kitsho, graduates, together with their family and friends, are all welcomed with its 5 + 1 promotion, wherein every group of five diners can bring one more guest for free.

Guests who opt to celebrate on weekends can partake of either the lunch buffet (P1232/pax, VAT included) or the dinner spread (P1400/pax, VAT included). However, should they choose to celebrate on weekends, they still could enjoy the buffet spread with a minimum reservation of fifteen (15) persons. Plus, all dining guests can avail of a 15% discount on all a la carte items that are separately ordered. Executive Chef Mizumoto "Hiro"Masahiro will prepare each dish you love with the same amount of passion and dedication that's culled from many years of experience.

Start your gustatory journey with delectable appetizers, whether they be sushi and/or sashimi. You could share the Deluxe Assorted Sushi plate or the Matsu Nigiri Sushi platter. Diners may also opt for the Oshi sushi (rolled sushi) or any of the mouth-watering options from the sushi selection.

Sashimi lovers could savor the Chutoro, or Tuna Berry sashimi, as well as the equally tasty Maguro (tuna sashimi).  Diners can also go through and taste every option in the Sashimi selection or decide to settle for the sashimi specials which, by the way, requires at least two days preparation prior to the reservation date - like the loster or lapu-lapu options.

In between your delightful meal, you can go for any of the main dish choices. You may opt for the well-prepared yakimono dishes, the well-concocted bento boxes, and any dish from the meat selection. Then  cap your epicurean experience with the sweetest of endings from an extensive dessert list. And never leave Kitsho without relishing their home-made soft-serve ice cream flavors of Matcha green tea, black sesame, vanilla, and wasabi.

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