Now Open: Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant at SM Megamall

Your cravings for authentic Japanese dishes are about to be satisfied as Japan's hugely popular Teishoku or set menu dining restaurant chain, YAYOI, with over 300 outlets worldwide has finally opened its first branch in Manila.

While Filipinos are no strangers to Japanese cuisine, many restaurants specialize in only one type of dish: ramen, katsu, sushi and tempura. In YAYOI, they offer a wide range of food and drinks. Ordering is also easy as they make use of iPad where you can tap and send your choices to the kitchen and you can also monitor the status of your orders real-time. Definitely a first time in the Philippines!

YAYOI is the very first Teishoku-dining concept in the Philippines serving home-style set meals consisting of a main dish of meat or fish, a warm bowl of miso soup, a steaming cup of rice and side dishes of vegetables and tsukemono (Japanese pickles). 

Start your meal with a bowl of Edamame (P120), lightly boiled salted soybeans before digging on the teishoku set meals they are known for. Here are a few of their best-sellers to check out when you visit the first ever Teishoku restaurant in Manila:


All teishoku  set meals come with rice, miso soup and two side dishes and there are also a la carte option available for each set. Chicken lovers, rejoice! The Namban Teishoku (P395) is a huge cut of boneless fried chicken in sweet and sour sauce topped with a special YAYOI sauce. If you want everything on one plate, the Mix Toji Teishoku (P425) has breaded pork loin, fried shrimp and sukiyaki beef simmered in special sauce and egg.

Namban Teishoku
Mix Toji Teishoku

For those who would rather feast on fish, they have the Saba Shio Teishoku (P425) which is a salt-grilled mackerel and the Una Jyu (P585), grilled eel slathered with sweet sauce served over rice which you can eat in four ways. What's great about YAYOI is every dish is served in 15 minutes or less so you can go on with your day after a filling meal.

Saba Shio Teishoku
Una Jyu

There are three different ways to devour the Sukiyaki Teishoku (P550) which is a beef hot-pot with assorted vegetables served with sukiyaki sauce: enjoy the original flavor of the sukiyaki, dip the beef in the slow-cooked egg that's served with it or finish up the sukiyaki with the udon noodles. 

Sukiyaki Teishoku
A complete Teishoku meal

YAYOI is located on the 3rd floor, Bridgeway, Building B of SM Megamall. Visit their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more updates.


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